CO2 Inflator PSA

Just wanted to give a heads up, I’ve noticed more and more CO2 inflators being thread on units wherein they thread onto the tube valve and then you press down. I recently bought a Silca Eolo that is set up this way. If you have one of these make sure you tighten down your valve cores on your spare tubes even if they’re brand new. I had a flat 3 weeks ago and after inflating the spare all of the c02 rushed out near the valve stem, I thought my valve stem was torn since my other spare tube worked fine. Saturday I helped a guy who somehow managed to leave his inflator at home, same thing but I caught the valve core backing out and managed to grab it before the tire went completely flat. This was a brand new tube straight from the factory.

Anyways figured I’d give a heads up since that could really leave a rider in a remote area in a shitty situation. Bad design in my opinion I guess the O-ring will last longer than the convex gasket in the press down designs and is cheaper to produce but we all know that when metal gets very cold it condenses and shrinks down hence the cores coming loose.

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The other solution is to put Loc-tite on your removable valve cores.

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I had the same issue but learned Silca recommends not threading it in Ask the Expert Ep 009: EOLO Roadside Tips and Tricks - YouTube

Thanks, I watched this video and just tried to use my inflator this way (just pushing it on) I had initially tried earlier on the road in the past because I hadn’t read the directions, regardless it doesn’t seem to work , even in the video it appears that he loses a ton of CO2 before the tire starts inflating but in my case I can’t even get the valve low enough to even push down on the valve core.

I do that after I undid a valve core after pumping a tyre to 6.5 bars roadside ^^

You need just a drop if you use valve extenders on a tube or tubulars, as you still need to be able to undo the cores should the need arise.

this is another reason I prefer a pump

Happened to me with a thread-on pump (some that was real pumping) ^^

I prefer thread-on as it is less hard on valves, and valve’s attachment to the tube / tubular’s tube, but now I use some light thread-locker on removable cores.

yes I don’t use direct mount portable pumps, only those with a hose and ideally thread on.

I use this:

I am lucky enough that it fits in a tool bottle in the seat tube bottle cage on all my bikes.

that looks like a weapon!

Ditch the CO2 now! Use a reusable hand pump, efficient, easy and environmentally friendly. I use the Silca Tattico–effortless, and gets very high psi/bar pressure.



I carry a CO2 for road races but I don’t think I’ve ever actually used on on my own bike so I’d probably screw it up. Otherwise I use a pump. I’m sick of seeing the cartridges discarded on the roadside.


as far as mini-pumps can be, yes :laughing:

Didn’t mean to stoke the evangelical fires of the mini pump crowd. This morning I just threw an el cheapo press on Blackburn CO2 chuck in since I had that in my MTB bag.

repent sinner!

Honestly I think the C02 cartridges on the side of the road in piles aren’t road cyclists dumping them, If someone rode with me and did that they’d either pick it up or be physically assaulted for such assholeish behavior. I used to think that it was cyclists when I first started riding but the more logical answer is some fools sitting in a car doing a bunch of whippets.

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