Commonwealth games TT

Anybody watch the TT today? It is so strange to see these pros riding my local roads, I am from black country so it is great to see my local area on tv, kind of strange in a way. Shame they made all the climbs look so easy though.


Commonwealth games are not on my radar.

Are they being held in England somewhere?
What countries are participating?

All the ones that the British queen is head of state of?


Yeah thats the one, not sure how much they are broadcast around the world though

Not any more, almost all are former territories of the British Empire but the majority are now republics such as Canada & India.
The Commonwealth Games are held every 4 years, currently happening in Birmingham, England


Cycling events? The MTB cross country and track events are finished, yesterday the women & men’s road TT, and the women & men’s road races will be held this Sunday.
No spoilers - but if you’re interested the results/schedules can be found here.

Canada is a constitutional monarchy. The Queen is Canada’s head of state.


Oops, sorry for that - should have known better :grimacing:

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Certainly tested me last night trying to figure out the rider nationality based on the 3 letter acronym.

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No apologies needed, we’re all controlled by corporations these days anyway…

As an Australian I, in past, used to consider the Comm. Games pretty irrelevant by comparison to the worlds or Olympics but now I have a different view.

If I was the best of countries that include all of UK, Canada, India, South Africa I would be over the moon. Hell you put 5 average riders together and I will come 7th so I think anyone who is a commonwealth champion is, well, a champion.


With 2.5 BILLION citizens the Commonwealth Games is of great interest to many, particularly the athletes of course.
I’m enjoying them as much as the Olympics, becoming an instant armchair expert on every sport I’m watching of course :wink:

You mean the 2.5 BILLION people who are citizens of the Commonwealth??
We have Phil Liggett doing the road cycling. ooo. Imagine.
The Commonwealth Games might be important to a LOT of people particularly the athletes.
Just because America isn’t in control doesn’t mean they aren’t important.
We actually get to see black people competing on bikes & in pools, something that wouldn’t happen at the Olympics for a lot of reasons.
It’s fun & isn’t that what sport is meant to be?

Subjects not citizens if there’s a monarchy?

As I understand it, republics have citizens who directly elect governments and heads of state. And, if there’s royalty at the top the populace are subjects of the monarch… unless you elect the monarch?

I don’t see TV coverage of the games here but I see Geraint Thomas posting on instagram about it as he is representing Wales. It would be good to see him win something with the brilliant form he’s got this year.