CT or VeloNews

Update: it’s silly to pay two memberships to one company. CT is working on a solution for us. Maybe this forum can be put on ice for a bit as the logistics are ironed out in due course.


Shouldn’t we get access to both sites now? As well as Outside?


I disagree. I don’t see derivative content here. The VeloNews articles published here add content. I don’t see the problem with that.

Independent journalism is dead? I’m sorry, the world isn’t a set of binary choices.


My hope in starting this forum is to avoid being flippant about the changing face of CT after the independent outlet was purchased. I’m genuinely confused.

A bit of context:

The syndication goes both ways, but is limited to commodity news and commodity tech stuff. Post layoffs, they have a larger news team so we syndicate those items from VN, we have a larger tech team so they pull tech from us. We rarely syndicate more than 2-3 stories per week of ~50 total, so it’s a pretty tiny part of total content.

Referencing original reporting, whether in VN or elsewhere (often in EU newspapers) is common and always has been, at CT and VN and everywhere else.


I wish ‘Outside’ would forget about cycling.


Thanks. The distinction between race news and tech news confirms that there are essential differences in original content developed on the two sites. It makes sense to play to the strengths of each staffing group. I also understand that referencing original reporting is the bedrock of good journalism as a story develops. It does seem, though, that CT disproportionately favors VeloNews content even within CT articles and much less draws on other outlet sources. Maybe I’m wrong, but I did wonder after reading the Cro Race report and seeing a rider interview conducted by VeloNews run verbatim in Cycling Tips. On the one hand, there’s an Outside echo chamber happening: CT often references the sister site Velonews. On the other hand, additional “exclusive” content, such as further developments in the Evenepoel story are not syndicated by CT. So we only get half the story. How many breaking news stories are run and then not followed up on because VeloNews covers them?

I would rather have this content on CT than not at all, even if some comes from VN, CN, Vélo or Canadian Cyclist. But I only subscribe to CT.


I’m not being flippant, but I think you have over simplifed things and perhaps even over stated what changes have actually happened.


Feel free to enlighten us with your nuanced takes on detailed points discussed above.


I don’t think you’re interested in an actual discussion. I think you’re view of “changes” and the quality of CT articles is set.


I’ve learned quite a lot in this thread. For instance, several others choose to only pay for CT memberships, and as such they view the extra VeloNews stuff as a bonus to find on this site. That’s a fair counterpoint that makes me rethink my own hazy understanding of the merger. I sincerely appreciate this type of constructive criticism written in good faith. Take issue with a point rather than a person. Refute it. Expose the logical fallacies that underpin it. But please do not put words in my mouth.


And if you want serious responses, you might want to avoid snark.


I personally would stick with CyclingTips, I used to be subscribed to VeloNews previously (print form) when I felt it was a better than it is in its current state. I like the ZINN articles but that’s not enough for a subscription in my opinion.


I find this confusing (screenshot from Outside Magazine)

I can’t log into Outside (or VN) with my CT account, but it appears as I should be able to. Am I missing something?


I’ve been a CT subscriber for a couple years and paid for VN this past year. But VN appears to have lost its appeal without the print mag and now even the BikeReg discount is going away (You used to get 2 VeloPress books a year… what happened to that??). The value added products they do have don’t do much to move my needle so I won’t be renewing. The staff at CT is what I like (including Dane) along with the Slack channel. I’ll keep my money here.


For the moment the two memberships are still seperate (CT and Outside), which means a CT log in won’t work over there. There are plans to merge the two memberships, but I don’t have a date or details on that yet. The good thing is that it’s not a process that is being rushed - that never ends well.


I think this is a good thing. VeloNews has better “news” coverage than CylingTips, but because their website is set up through the “Outside Feed” it’s extremely clunky to actually find the news articles of the day. CyclingTips has a much better organized website, so if 100% of the VN content were republished here, it would be a net improvement.

In general, I still don’t support anticompetitive mergers, and think the FTC should have blocked Outside’s acquisitions of so many cycling news websites, but given that they clearly don’t care about the niche industry of cycling news, we should at least get to benefit from some efficiencies from what was a facially unlawful acquisition.


I too am concerned about this whole merger thing. I now get a print mag. I don’t want ( Outside), and no,longer her a mag. I paid full price for (Peleton).
I liked CT as an independent entity .


You should be able to set a bookmark that bypasses the Outside nonsense. I did that just after they started forcing you through that portal.

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