CT website pics not loading - how to fix?

For some reason, when I open articles on the CT website pictures don’t seem to load. It’s been this way for at least a few days. Anyone else having this problem? I’m a paid member, and I’m signed in, using an iPad if that makes a difference.

Same here. They will load for me if I refresh the screen (on an iPhone).

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Thanks Jim! I was having the same problem and hit refresh on my iPhone and it’s all good.

CT might want to look into this as my MacBook wouldn’t load the pics also.

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Thanks! Same here. Blurry when you click the link, but hit refresh and they show up.

Add me to the “same here” list. When using iOS (haven’t tried desktop for a while) the images don’t show up. Have to refresh….

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve passed this onto our developer and will have this checked into and fixed.

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Our developer things he’s fixed the problem. Would everyone who had this issue mind checking to see and let us know?

ping @David_Cushman @jim_Sigafoos @kevin_miller @Jack_Holmgren


Pictures are loading fine, thanks!

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All good now. Thanks Wade and team.

FWIW I had this problem for ages - I just needed to update Chrome, which I was able to do after I updated my operating system on the Macbook.

Yes, working fine now!

Fixed :slight_smile: