CT Zwift Rides

A place for continuing chats from the CT group rides on Zwift.

Sweepers, love ‘em or not needed?

Crushing sprints? Post up here and maybe put a little target on your back

Routes you’d like to see and whatever else pops up!

Fun ride last night! Thanks to everyone that came out.

Thanks to Ben for holding it all together after my chain drop and then chase back on

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This ride is always one of the highlights of the week for me. So sad that I can’t make today’s ride. Work getting in the way of fun :’( Fingers crossed for next week.

I missed this week too. I was doing a TTT on zwift. Looking forward to seeing you on thursday!

Last week on Zwift we chatted about submitting a feature request to Zwift for leaderboards to be visible to all genders.

I have just submitted the request through the Zwift Forum. If anyone feels like voting it up, I’d appreciate the support :slight_smile:

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I’ll definitely upvote that one! It’s a real PITA as a ride leader not being able to see women’s leaderboards.

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