Cycling Caps

I am on a search for a cycling cap for my wife. She just recently started wearing a cap under her helmet–a Showers Pass. She likes the windproof aspect of it, but she despises the off-grey and orange strip aesthetic.

Anyone have any recommendations for good cycling caps (with a brim) that are aesthetically pleasing (or at least come in colors) and use a material that offers more wind/weather resistance than your usual cotton?

My Mitch Docker Life in the Peloton cap is certainly colourful (and wonderfully accessories a good tache) but is still cotton albeit thicker than some.

Pretty sure Galibier do some caps in differing materials.

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I use a Headsweats cycling cap under my helmet on really hot, sunny days. They only have black and white colors, but the material is light and helps with keeping cool.

Been using Giro Peloton caps for years. Sweats wicking and dry fast. Great printed colours graphics too.

oooh, my topic.

Cinelli is the classic and offers many styles. Overall well done and comfy, but beware any all-poly model. Many small brands copy these or outright use the same factory, I think. Some look and feel very similar.

Bello Cyclist has inexpensive custom options and a sweatband that goes all the way around.

Fifo cycle is expensive, but they offer a great sustainable concept and amazing style and long lasting quality. My fave. The memory foam visor is a game changer

Machines for Freedom is an jnnovative women-focused apparel brand that offer some great caps. Also has complete internal sweatband for unparalelled fit.

swrve also makes some nice robust caps in understated styles.

No I don’t have a problem, I can stop any time…

Edit: sorry, just saw the cotton thing.

Especially wind/weatherproof materials are rare, Gore offers some in cheery black.

Assos, Craft, Endura, Buff and others offer light, fast wicking poly fabrics.

Fwiw, the best allround option is a nice cotton-poly blend, for a mix of comfort, wind resistance and breathability.


By ‘brim’, do you mean ‘peak’, or actually an all around brim? Not trolling.
I find cotton caps work really well against sun and monor cold. For colder weather, some companies make a thin, but warm WindStopper cap without a peak designed to fiy under a bike helmet. Craft (not sure about Gore) makes one as probably does Castelli.

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Just realised that most of the caps I wear are freebies handed out at races and events so not really able to advise personally…


Walz does full custom, different styles, any color combo you want. Hardly more than stock.


Velocio’s Rain Cap and MAAP’s Prime New Era Cap use Polartec Neoshell fabric, which is one of the best windproof-waterpoof-breathable fabrics available.


Sealskinz makes a Waterproof Allweather Cycle Cap that could fit the bill. I gave one to my bike mechanic as a thanks giving present for having helped me in my new bike build for free, he’s using it a lot and thinks it’s better than the Gore one he was previously wearing.

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Wear one from a great club :wink: From the SUR Strava Club (wearer self-distance and irony is advised :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

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What’s the deal with the all-poly Cinelli’s? Just not up to snuff?

yup ‘peak’ as you say

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New Era has excellent material. But the fit is really odd, at least for me and some of our locals. Super deep bucket, so it either cuts into the ears or there is tons of “luft”.

ymmv of course, but it really fits different from any other cap.

Jup, the material is just not very nice. Stiff and itchy, feels uncomfortable and cheap. The fit is also different.

It’s a shame that with newer designs they seem to be leaning more and more into poly.

But their cotton / mix caps are geniunely nice for the price.

Last but not least the Massimo Giacon collection has some spectacular designs, and the material looks and feels fancy and luxurious.

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Look at all you people with your fancy caps! Spare a thought for us big brained people with heads the size of Elephant Man. I have one cap that fits

Velocio caps. Really nice fabrics, great aesthetics and not a giant brim, so you can still see while riding in the drops.

The women’s Endura caps are excellent:

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Gore Shakedry cap, very high quality super breathability and wind- and waterproof.

Jakroo makes pretty nice caps for about $20. They are not cotton, have a full sweatband, and are customizable. I had some made with my company logos. Although I like lots of caps and have a good collection, most are too small for me, and the Jakroos come in 2 sizes.

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