Cycling glasses for a "large bridge" nose

I was recently talking to CT James about my struggle with cycling glasses always sitting far from my face, and generally not retaining well.

We identified two issue.

  1. My current glasses (sutro lite) are only half frame glasses, which reduces the stiffness of the glasses and can lead to poorer retention.

  2. I have the opposite problem to James. Where he struggle with a “lack of bridge” I have a “lot of bridge” (the top bit of my nose is relatively wide).

Now I’ve previously tried Oakley Jawkbreakers, I moved on from these as I found they really obstructed my peripheral vision (to a dangerous level), and even in their advertised use of a “sprint” position, I could see the top of the frame. I suspect they just sat too far off my face, limiting my window.

I’ve tried Oakley Radars, which I have kept for running, but also struggle with their retention. When cycling I also found a lot of wind came under the lenses, and the light i could see below the lenses quite distracting.

I tried some 100% glasses, but they sat so far off my face they looked silly I sent them back before I even rode them.

My current Sutro Lites are the best I’ve found, as their shape generally makes up for their "away from face"ness, and I don’t get any wind in my eyes. I really noticed the slippage on the velodrome, as takign my hand off the handlebar to push glasses up is sketchy there! (switched to visored helmet). Where I cant use a visored helmet is gravel, where my glasses are being shaken off my face!

So in conclusion I’m looking for:
Cycling glasses with:

  • a very adjustable nose bridge (or a bridge that fits well to large/wide bridges)
  • full frame or at least half frame (for retention)
  • “large” lenses (Sutro style)
  • not the Roka matador (they’re ugly!)

Sorry for the long OP, and thanks in advance for your collective wisdom/suggestions!

Check out Rudy Project. I have a pair of their “Rydon” model … I don’t know how the lens size compares to the other models you mentioned but the do have adjustable/bendable nose piece that may allow you to tweak to fit. The nose pieces are also replaceable and I believe they are used on at lease some of their other models.

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I hadn’t thought of Rudy Project, thanks!

Their spin shield look my style, but the first review I read says the nosepiece grip is poor and the bounce all over the place.

The cutline model does seem to have the adjustable nose you speak of though, so I’ll try find some reviews!

I feel your pain
I usually see more below glasses than through them.

Best glasses I had were
Assos Zegho v1
Amazing Zeiss lenses
Light weight

I have a similar problem and a pair of julbo Aerospeed fits well. They have some of the best photo chromatic lenses as well.

What sunglasses are you using off the bike and why not using them on the bike if you are comfortable on them?

I’ve ditched specific cycling glasses somewhere in the last 5 years or so for some ray-ban wayfarer shaped sunglasses I was already using off the bike. I haven’t felt any difference in comfort on the bike and I think in term of aesthetic they are still much more aesthetic on the bike than cycling glasses are when I am off the bike on my post ride drink and that means I don’t have to carry 2 types of glasses when I am cycle to work/friends/family/any other kind of activity.

I don’t think there is anything inherently special about cycling that make it require dedicated sunglasses. What next? gravel specific sunglasses?

I wear raybans off the bike.
I don’t think they fit tight enough or retain well enough to be bike glasses.

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You mean you are afraid of losing them while riding?

I use these cheap decathlon sunglasses from their “hiking line” on and off the bike, no risk of losing them in my experience.

I am not saying you should wear the same but I don’t see why sunglasses that fit you off the bike wouldn’t on the bike.

Oakley M-frame with heater lens. Mine are about 20 years old, but they must be overdue for re-release some time. The lens coverage is massive, if anything a bit big for me, with a moderately large nose. See pic.

Of the more recent Oakleys I also liked the Evzero path.

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Scicon Aerowing. They fit noticeably wide at the nose bridge so that I constantly feel like I need to push them closer to my face to get the nose pads to meet my nose bridge. I wish I could make them narrower as they’re fantastic. The build quality is excellent, and they offer an outrageously generous warranty (any scratches on a lens and they’ll replace it.)

Oakley’s fit me great, and are my normal go-to. I have Jawbreakers, Sutro’s, Sutro Lite, and Wind Jackets, and a few others I’m forgetting the names of.

No I mean it wouldn’t solve my problem.

My cycling glasses shake off and are annoying, my “casual” glasses would have the same problem.

I’ve ordered some Scicon Aeroshades, after discussing with James. So hopefully they work well!

Love the M frame with Heater lens. They are my go to for MTB even though I have a pair of the newer prism trail lenses in another pair of Oakleys. The large lenses sit snug on my nose and keeps debris from kicking up into my eyes. Would be nice to see them come back.

Went for the Scicon. Really love the fit, just think the photochromic lense is crap. Waiting to hear from Scicon if I have a defective lense/coating but their customer service is pretty slow.