Cycling Kit

Which cycling kit do you prefer? I for example tend to like jerseys that have somewhat long sleeves till just above the elbow and fit close but not squeeze like a sausage. Maybe it’s more aero but no one likes a sausage on the road.

For bibs - After a lot of experimentation I have now just settled on Assos Mille bibs and for me atleast they are most comfortable.

Brands I have tried are Castelli, Santini, Attacker, Maap. I find attacker and Maap a bit overhyped.

What are your experiences?

Nopinz for jerseys. Monochromatic and only 3 colours but the aero gainz are good, and tbh I like single colour tops. I’m waiting for delivery for a very pink one to arrive.

Shorts I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pair. Galibier do my LS racesuit so think I’ll try the shorts next time I order.

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I like loud pro team jerseys from the past. Neon green argyle team Cannondale, La Vie Claire, Euskaltel-Euskadi, etc. My college had previously been a women’s college, and though most sports teams moved from wearing pink to boring maroon, the bike (and rugby) teams proudly stuck with neon pink jerseys for both sexes. I tell people I like it for the visibility on the road, but I think I just like looking ridiculous.


A very reasonable reason that is :slight_smile:

I tried Santini bibs from Prendas back when they were selling kit, but was a bit underwhelmed. These days I really like Panache bib shorts, but I am pretty indifferent to jerseys (REI/DhB are fine); with a 155FTP, I don’t think the lack of aero fit is holding me back :slight_smile: I do have a jackets from Etxeondo that is really handy.

Jerseys: Kerry at Sacul in Mt Beauty makes mine, I’m very happy with the result. Well worth considering if you are after custom kit.

Bibs: Castelli. Went to them a few years ago after trying lots of others and have stuck with them. Only problem is they are sized small so I have to go one size up.

I also love their “perfetto” rain jacket.

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Bibs: I lived in Singapore for nine years and when I was there I started using RedWhite bibs, from a local company. They’re touted as long distance specific and I found them just fantastic for 100-160km rolls, particularly in Sing which is very flat, meaning you don’t get out of the saddle a lot.

Jersey: love Stolen Goat. The fit suits me very well and I really love the laser-cut sleeves.

Castelli bibs as their L stuff fits nicely. When I’m skinny other brands‘ L is a bit too loose. Assos Mille also good and slightly cheaper than the top Castelli’s, yet lasts longer. Probably Assos‘ non-Mille would be perfect, but haven’t summoned courage to spend that much on shorts.

For summer tops pretty much anything works. I don’t subscribe to the idea that a Jersey should cost >100 notes. I have one or two that did and they are not noticeably better than ones that cost a lot less.

For winter stuff, Assos Mille. It fits similar to Castelli, feels nicer and lasts roughly 2x as long, so economically better. I just wish they would get rid of the silly names and make the range a bit warmer and less black.

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