Cycling products you’d buy again without hesitation

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the CyclingTips “Most Loved” series that’s done at the end of each year and how so many of the products covered over the years continue to be in use and loved to this day.

And so, I’m keen to learn what three specific cycling products have left an impression on you to the point that you’d buy them again in a heartbeat and tell your friends to do so, too.


Mine are pretty easy:

  • Steadyracks (the best bike storage system… I just love these things!)
  • Velotoze waterproof gloves (too warm otherwise, but great for wet winter rides)
  • Burgh bar tape (tacky, grippy, soft and comfortable)

A few standouts for me:

Ortlieb panniers, they just work and work.

Rapha Core bibshorts, can’t beat them for the fit and finish at the price.

Panaracer Gravel King SK tyres, strike the perfect balance of qualities I want from gravel tyres for my riding.


What width Gravel King SKs are you running? And what sort of gravel?

I normally run the 38’s, which on my Reserve 32’s come out around 41-42mm. I’m about to buy a set of the 43’s though (used to run these on narrower rims) so will have slightly more rubber this summer.

Gravel rides for me tend to include a bit of tar seal, and generally Grade 3-4 gravel sections. In the summer, the top layer here gets so loose that nothing short of a mountain bike will provide any grip so there’s no point dragging heavier tyres round!

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Thule roof racks and Rapha brevet jerseys. Couldn’t live without the former and the latter has consistently impressed.


The Rapha Brevet Insulated Gilet is my #1 item of cycling clothing. I adore it.

I really like the Roadrunner Burrito handlebar bag I’ve got, and the TRP CX8.4 mini-v brakes I run on my old 'cross bike make me happy too.

Stopping is a good thing, who knew?!


Didn’t even know Velotoze do gloves. Will look for those.


My three:

Castelli Idro 2 jacket - fully waterproof and 95% breathable, something that has been promised (and not delivered) by so many products I still can’t believe that this jacket really achieved it. Worth every one of the many pennies it cost

Castelli Perfetto gilet - never worn gilets until recently, but this was a staple clothing item throughout last winter keeping out the damp and the cold without “boiling me in the bag”.

Chorus 12 speed rim brakes - simply the best braking I’ve ever experienced (and I have got a disc brake bike).

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Rapha kit, I was reflecting on a recent purchase from them and although the pricing is premium I genuinely feel the product you get from them is fantastic.

The other thing that makes the pricing worth it, the Customer Experience is really second to none, nice inspiring quotes on the packaging, to the returns process which is deadset the easiest thing I have ever experienced, all round I think it’s just a standout product.

Love the cut, colours, fabrics etc.


Absolutely love my Brevet long sleeve jersey. The nicest piece of kit I’ve ever owned. I just wish they weren’t so expensive at regular price!

My first one is the standout - Varia radar tail light.
One of those things you don’t know you’re missing, but now I don’t know that I could ride without!
Two and three are a bit harder to pick though…
Of a more general nature - premium bibs is a “product” I’d recommend to anyone. After trying to be budget conscious in my choices for a long time, I finally spent some big bucks on a top of the range pair - and yes, probably shouldn’t have been surprised, but absolutely worth it. (and have already “bought again”, so I guess that fits the category?)
And third might be a tie between going for a wax lube (I’m using Smoove), and going tubeless.
Both a bit of extra faffing about, but both have proven to be worth the effort - and I’m happy to keep faffing for the benefits, and am also willing to recommend!


1. Rapha cargo bib shorts
For the utility of stretch pockets on the thighs, which means I ride with nothing in my jersey pockets. Perhaps a minor consideration for others, but I like not having to empty my jersey pockets before taking a chair for a mid or post-ride coffee.
Also for the product and customer service quality noted by others.

2. Silca SuperPista digital floor pump
For the pressure accuracy (accurate enough for my needs), the large digital gauge mounted at the top of the pump barrel, and the quality build / user repairability of the pump.

3. Specialized KEG storage
I use this in lieu of a saddlebag. It holds a spare tube, a CO2 canister and inflator, a patch kit, two tire levers, a multitool, some cleaning wipes and my car keys.


The Flare daytime running lights from Bontrager has to be on the top of my list here. I can really notice the difference in car behavior when they are passing. If I’ve run out of battery I instantly notice closer overtakes by cars.

And Rene Herse Bon Jon Extralights. By far the best tires I’ve ever ridden. Both for road and nice gravel. Even the extralights have taken quite a beating without any issues.


Top 3 cycling products I’d get again:

  1. Garmin Varia. Long lasting, powerful red tail light with a super useful radar. Surprisingly useful for all rides, short and long.
  2. Rapha Pro Team Lightweight (Gore Tex) Jacket. Versatile jacket with nice fit, and easily slides into a back pocket when not in use.
  3. Oakley glasses. I’ve tried Radar, Jawbreaker, Kato, EVzero - they’re all great and last forever, and miles better than other brands.

Attaquer Deep winter gloves
Burgh Cycling Bartape- best ever for both road and gravel
Merino bandanas/snoods- (whatever their called) handy bit of kit for shoulder and deep winter seasons ( doubles as a lockdown mask too)

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Chris King headsets. They look great and last forever.

Wippermann chains. They’re reliable and last a lot longer than you may expect.

Oury Grips. I’ve tried many MTB grips, but always come back to Ourys. The original and v2 single-clamp lock ons are great, the dual-clamp lock on not so much.

  1. Assos bibshorts, have 10year old pairs in the rotation still.
  2. Bontrager Flare DRLs
  3. Santa Cruz Blur, my favourite bike across all disciplines
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DT Swiss 350 hubs.
80,000km, 1 bearing replaced.


I’d say
Giro Empire shoes - expensive, but worth it
Gore shakedry - I’m Irish, an essential item year round
Ultegra mechanical - probably much more than I will ever need, but I have it on both my bikes (my winter bike, a CAAD12, and one of the new Emondas) and it’s just brilliant.
If I was pushed on a 4th - I’d say the new bontrager PRO37 wheels I bought with my Emonda: DT350 hubs, DT aerolite spokes, nice, mid-depth and quite wide carbon rim. They ride amazing and are incredible value.