Cycling products you’d buy again without hesitation

A bit late to the party, but anyway:

  1. Arundel Mandible cages. Use them across road, gravel and MTB. Have never lost a bottle or damaged a cage. Just works. When I die I would like to have them mounted on my casket.
  2. Garmin Varia radar. I feel completely naked if I accidentely go on a road ride without it. Everybody I know that has it feels the same.
  3. Ritchey Outback frame. My god it’s good. Love my carbon MTB and road bike, but would never go back to carbon for gravel (used a Spec Crux frame before).
  4. Time Atac pedals. If you live in a place where mud is prevalent (like in Denmark) these are by far the best for off-road use. Cannot fathom why they aren’t more popular.
  5. Sram eTap. Controversial choice I’m sure, but I love it. Have the 1. gen on my road bike and AXS mullet setup on my gravel. So easy to install, so easy to use and near genius when you like to travel with your bike. And have never had a single problem with it.

I cracked a three year old Mandible cage in a crash. Arundel replaced it for free. Great customer service. I have also never lost a bottle.


I recently cross-graded from a Wahoo to a Garmin 830. It was a present from my spouse and super thoughtful, but the transition was a bit of a challenge. I’m really quite fond of it now.
I see everyone mentioning the Varia Radar. I always thought it was a gimmick. It seems to be well loved. I think I have to try it.

My Salsa Warbird frame/fork and my Power saddle. Both are fantastic for me.

Fumpa electric pump, soooo much more convenient than using a track pump and the accuracy of a digital gauge. Also fits in a backpack or frame bag for longer adventures.

  1. Velokicks (multiple pairs and I love my lace ups for all day rides. I change laces to match my kit too… lol… )
  2. G8 Innersoles (Solved my knee tracking issues.)
  3. Garmin Varia Radar (For so many reasons)
  4. Quad Lock mount (Solid mounting and not just on the bike.)
  5. Fumpa pump (I hate waste of CO2 empties and it is soooo easy to use)
  6. MSW chain wax… no more dirty hands changing wheels, super long life on my drivetrain
    oops… that’s a little more than three… or was that three per bike I own? (If so I still have a few more to add.)

Amongst other things:

  • King or Arundel cages. Other posters did not lie when they said these are good. The guy who said Elite Custom race cages are good was clearly smoking something.

  • Assos bibshorts. Cannot kill mine. Lycra is going a bit grey, but unlike Castelli, Rapha and others, the stitching is 100% and the Lycra hasn’t gone see through. Unless you crash regularly, these are actually a lot cheaper than other brands. Similarly my 10 year old thermal jersey.

  • camelback bottles. They have a high just works factor and survive daily dishwashing.

  • squirt lube. Near melt wax efficiency without the hassles.

  • Park Tools bike wash brush, soap and a bucket. 5 minutes and your bike is clean for the next ride. And you fix anything that doesn’t work before the next ride.

  • Giro Empire shoes for road and mtb. Looking forwards to getting their winter shoes when they arrive

  • Campagnolo rim brakes and bora wheels. Criminally underrated. You can buy disc brakes if you want, but if you ride on an actual road that is generally dry, these are going to make your life easier.

  • latex or at least good quality butyl tubes plus Vittoria Corsa or Conti GP. Gives any road bike Tour de France winning ride and handling for less than 100 notes. Or ride tractor tyres and fear for your life on every corner.

  • oakleys. I wish they still made M frames as these were a landmark product. The newer Prizm lens tints are not better than the old ones, which are like listening to music with the treble equalizers turned up. A set of black iridium for really bright days, Blue iridium for normal and persimmon or yellow for grey day mood enhancement is perfect.

  • Shimano Dura Ace hubs and Campagnolo cup and cone hubs. If you baulk at paying 100 notes for a couple of ceramic bearings, put some light grease in these and adjust carefully to go fast. Add more grease 1x per year and they will do many many kms.

  • Fumpa pump, so long as your ride buddy owns and carries it (thanks Imran). Otherwise I have a tiny KCNC pump that pumps up tyres fits in a small saddle bag.


Are you using latex tubes on the Boras with clinchers?

No. Latex plus carbon rims in Swiss mountains isn’t smart. I use Vittoria 70g tubes as I find Conti SuperSonics at 50g are too fragile.


Thanks, I was wondering because I had read about limitations of latex tubes on carbon clinchers.

Totally agree. Some great picks there.

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I haven’t been riding that long so I don’t have an extensive list of items but here are some of my favourites so far:

  • Van Rysel (Decathlon) Winter Jacket: this jacket surprised me, I paid 50€ last autumn and it is superb. With layers underneath I used it at 5 deg C. Snug fit, different materials for ventilation and huge pockets. Not sure about how waterproof this is though, I try to avoid the rain :wink: There is another jacket for colder conditions which I haven’t tried.
  • Vittoria Corsa Control 28mm with latex tubes: this was a game changer for me after having been on Schwalbe Ones with butyl tubes first. Absolutely amazing ride feel, the way rough roads and even cobbles feel somehow softer… blew my mind. Also grip for days!
  • Wahoo Elemnt Bolt: not much to say, so simple, so easy.
  • Specialized Torch 3.0 Shoes: shoes are a bit of a personal preference i guess but these ones fit my feet really well and feel pretty good when on the bike
  • Elite Cannibal XC bottle cages: Cheap, strong hold, side entry on both sides of cage, not too heavy
  • Vittoria Terreno Dry 38C (40mm): Down Under, they are cheap compared to competitors, ride really well with great grip both off and on roads and the grey walls are unique.
  • Shimano M520 Pedals: Cheap, reliable, for a 2 bolt pedal user, it’s hard for me to convince myself to use anything more expensive
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Something simple. I just love the Craft Superlight base layer with or without sleeves. It breathes really well and doesn’t get heavy and full of sweat. The price is ok and they are often on sale on several of the online retailers so I stock up whenever I can.

[Cool Mesh Superlight SL M - White | Craft Sportswear]


I’ll second this

My tuppence
-defeet knee warmers. Stay up, keep warm enough over an appropriate temp range, discreet enough to minimise any fashion faux pas r.e. using knee warmers. Find they extend usage of bib shorts to all but the worst days.

-veloflex tyres and tubs. Will caveat that they are expensive and potentially delicate (but I seem to be blessed by the puncture gods), and I am sure there charts to show other companies products have better grip/ lower resistance etc. But I don’t care. Veloflex tyres just have a something that keeps bringing me back. And if anyone asks I recommend them. Ride nice, look nice in tan wall, give me confidence cornering etc.

-Park mt1 multi tool. Had one for 20+ years, still perfectly usable, small, light, practical. Covers 95% of the stuff I actually need on a ride. For £13. If nothing else if you want a cheap practical gift for a cyclist it is perfect.

Comments on here have me looking at a garmin varia by the way, thanks for the suggestions.

Which ones? I still haven’t found a pair of road tyres I’m 100% happy with. And if I can share your puncture blessings, please… I got a puncture on the turbo this week :face_with_monocle:

Clincher I currently have a pair of masters (25mm tan wall), have previously had 23mm tan wall clincher. And 20mm years ago that started my addiction. Used to run latex tubes, but currently butyl just because i had some.

Tubular I have a set of criterium (23 tan wall from memory), sprinter (also 23 tan wall, but older), and roubaix (25 tan wall). I know they do wider tubs now and will probably get a pair when the roubaix wear out. Also got a pair of 20mm service course that do duties as spares that are probably old enough to smoke, if not vote.
I know all of these are described as race tyres with not much in the way of puncture resistance, but historically they have been good for me, and have just used them as the default choice the last 20 years.

I’m a lapsed Veloflexer, but if still say that they are probably the best tyre I’ve ever ridden in terms of rolling resistance, comfort etc. I only abandoned them after having five punctures in one ride (the second Ride London, which was very wet).

I use Veloflex tubulars. Previously, 23mm criteriums and currently, 23mm ProTours, both with tan sidewalls. Very anecdotally, the ProTours seem to be more durable than the criteriums. With the criteriums, I would often get slow flats requiring the addition of a little tubeless sealant.

I could probably move up to 25mm tires, but just never decided to rib the bandaid off and electively decide to glue two tires at once.

This thread is awesome, it could be re-titled, cyclists’ birthday wish list. I have googled at least five items that people mentioned and I’m only a third of the way through the thread. My contribution towards thinning your wallet below.

Ultegra mechanical group set, rim brake and disc. I’ve had it on every road, gravel and cross bike I have owned.

XT disc brakes/SRAM drive chain - thank goodness we are allowed to mix and match in the mountain bike world without being judged.

Swiftwick socks

DT Swiss hubs

Bontrager Batwing bottle cage (not pretty enough for road bike though).