Cycling products you’d buy again without hesitation

If you ever find the Halo isn’t enough, check out the Halo Bandit. It has a longer forehead and soaks up even more sweat, so it lasts even longer.

Joining the forum just to promote your own product :thinking:

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By being transparent when posting on online forums ?


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Preach. I just impulse bought a Ridley Helium SLA frame for £450 new and I cannot believe how good it is for literally 10% of the cost of a top end carbon frame.

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Haven’t stopped buying Rolls saddles. Older race crowd really get into it - always a conversation topic. Memories! Younger race crowd think it’s a tourist/fondo saddle and hilarious considering my bars are set-up with a -20 stem and the drops are below my front tire.


Panache bib shorts have made other bibs I own (Endura/Specialized) seem mediocre by comparison.
Silca Super Secret chain lube–expensive, but I have never had my drivetrain stay so clean.
Salsa stainless steel bottle cages–Not as light as some, I am sure, but I am too old to care & they hold on to bottles really well.

Rock’n’Roll Gold chain lube. I did do wax melt long, long ago, but drip lube is so easy and Rock’n’Roll feels better than anything else I’ve tried over the years.

Dupont teflon motorcycle/ATV chain spray. Use it one my winter bike. Needs to be applied a lot if there’s lots of salt spray from the road and my chains don’t always feel good, but… they also never seem to wear out or get rust/corrosion so I figure it works.

Agree on the Redhsift shockstop. I have them on my Able, Dogma and Tarmac. They smooth out the chatter and poor road surface while not being overly springy like the Roubaix future shock. Really worth the upgrade.

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Couldn’t agree more. By FAR my favorite lube, regardless of application. I use this across bikes and would 100% recommend.

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Though the other topic that popped up about “Moving on from R and R” convinced me to try Silca Super Secret drip when my current supply of R’n’R Gold runs out…

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  • Any shoes from Lake. My wife has funky feet due to surgery and they are the only shoes that came close. I ride CX 403s on the road and MX 332 for gravel. Best shoes I have ever worn over 45 years of riding.

  • King Cages. Have then on all my bikes. Bomb proof, elegant, hand made.

  • Silca floor pump. Mine is 40YO, I suspect I won’t be rushing out to get another one soon.

As a side, anything hand crafted by indy makers. My hand made bags from Waxwing in VT USA are spectacular. Still ride 20 and 30 YO custom local steel and Ti frames. Support the locals.


I must be weird–other than the popular Garmin Varia TL, the first things that came to my mind don’t seem to be on anyone else’s list:

  • Stages crank arm power meter–knowing my watts has changed my training/riding forever

  • Hunt wheels–just basic alloy/rim brake design, but light, aero, very affordable, gorgeous, and amazing customer service. They also included setting up/mounting tubeless for free, another thing that’s changed my riding forever.

  • +1 on any indulgently priced bibs. For me it’s coin flip between Pactimo 12-hour Summit and Le Col HC, both upgraded in 2021. I prefer the Pactimo slightly, but have to admit when Le Col puts the HC on sale plus Strava discount often down around $120, that’s the best money I’ve spent on kit.

  • Velocio merino base layer. Nothing beats the range, breathability, etc. of merino, and this one is so soft I want to wear it even when not riding.

  • Jacket–I’m guilty of n+1 here, always trying new/better, but find that Pactimo’s Vertex WX-D is my most versatile cold weather option, anywhere from 15-50F with some form of base layer.

  1. SON dynamo hub. No excuse to stop riding when the sun goes down.
  2. K-Lite front light to attach to a SON dynamo hub - quality jewels delivered out of Kerry’s garage in Newcastle in a lunch bag. These lights will transform your life.
  3. 650B rim brake rims … mentioned only because they are getting hard to find.

And they look magnificent.

Oh yeah, there is nothing like that big riveted gold plate and “Rolls” in that fancy script

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Yes there is….big old rivets on your saddle that tell others you are riding a Regal.

Regal > Rolls. Everyday. All day. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha! :+1:

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The importance of suitable contact points and comfort is underrated. The below products work for me. Extremely well, dare I say.

  • RedShift ShockStop stem
  • Zipp XPLR handlebars
  • Canyon S13 VCLS CF Seatpost
  • SQLAB 612 ERGOWAVE active 2.1 saddle

Bar Mitts. It gets cold where I am, and these really help extend how cold it can get before going outside just isn’t worth it.

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I second the BarMitts. Living in Vancouver and riding in single digits, C, wet weather leads to numb and useless hands. The mitts have been a game changer. Removes the wind chill and soaking of the gloves. Bonus is the use of mid to lightweight gloves and the extra dexterity those afford when on the bike digging through pockets or similar.

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