Cycling products you'd NEVER buy again

So, I know there’s many things you’d buy again without hesitation, but what are some of your worst purchase and would never go near again?

For me, it’s two things, the old Sigma Sport cycling computer that would estimate your power. Dang thing never worked and had so many cords. I think it lasted for around 3 months. It was pretty expensive back in the day (the early 00’s) even when getting a pro deal by working at a bike shop. I still think about how poorly that thing performed to this day. lol

The other thing I’ll never consider buying again (until the industry works out the kinks/ahem real standards) is high-pressure (>60psi), hookless road tubeless wheels. Too many issues for almost no real-world, everyday riding benefit. I waited patiently for over a year for more tires to be tested for compatibility with the wheels and nada…still the same 5 or 6 tires that are approved for the rims…so I went back to hooked rims.

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A Fizik Arione, my arse was in agony after an hour!

I’m with you on the hookless road tubeless wheels.


Seconded on the Fizik Arione. Came with my first ‘proper’ bike and took me two years to realise the saddle was the bane of my cycling existence, but oddly enough only on climbs

shimano coated brake/derailleur cables. fkn’ nasty…


what hookless wheels are you referring to? I’m possibly looking at some in my future (and not by choice) and am wondering if I should avoid them like the plague.

My Enve road hookless rims have worked perfectly with the tires that I have tried. I just stick with tires on Enve’s approved list.

The Park Tools Shimano disk brake bleed kit currently doesn’t work with the Shimano 785 calipers (since the supplied fitting doesn’t fit). I have these calipers. I’ve told Park about it but haven’t heard about a change. Spending more than $100 for something that is “universal” but doesn’t work with a super common caliper is ridiculous.


I’m referring to the one’s made by Giant. Nothing but problems with them and with the straight (~2mm thick hookless sides, mtb hookless are around double that thickness, and rounded off, for less pinch flats) they have a tendency to easily pinch flat too.

My only saving grace was that I had a small accident which trashed the rear rim and I ended up getting a pair of Hunt 54mm hooked, tubeless wheelset. I can now run whatever tires I want with no issues and not waiting around for compatibility charts.

For sure, Enve has a pretty decent approved list but I wanted to stay away from having to look up a list should I be out of town or need a tire in a pinch…and with my luck the tires in stock would not be on the list.

The Park Tool CN-10 cable/housing cutter is rubbish. I own many Park Tools, but this tool is just not good and I would never buy one again. I ended up just throwing it away after struggling to get clean cuts of brake and derailluer cables. I purchased the Shimano one (TL-CT12) and it is superb. Pricey, but worth it.


Not a specific product, but I won’t ever buy (for road riding) bad headlights again. That means anything that doesn’t have a proper cutoff beam pattern and a high lux value. Absolutely can’t stand a) not enough intensity projected far up the road to see where I’m going b) overpowered lights that shine in your face or the face of others ,or have to be pointed at the ground just in front of you to avoid dazzling people.

You wouldn’t own a car with only high-beam headlights, so why would you have a bike like that?


I love my Arione. On my 4th.
The only issue with them is they don’t tend to last. About 30K km before they crack, although I have hopes the current R1 (nearly 29K km) will go a bit longer than that.

I fell for the Whoop viral marketing. Huge mistake. The whole premise of the product is that it gives you advice based on historical trends. Here’s the catch…it loses data. Example, if it thinks you didn’t sleep for 48 hours, imagine what that does to the trend numbers and recommendations for the next several days. On top of that, if customer service can’t solve the problem, they will ghost you. After several back and forth notes with them not acknowledging the issue, I refused to take (paraphrasing here), “sorry, it looks like you have missing data and will just have to live with it” for an answer. After a while, they just stopped replying to my communications.


Schwalbe Marathon plus tyres, like riding a tractor


Yes indeed but they are bombproof for commuting, so I have a pair (1550 grams :joy:) in 32 to commute. I have removed nails and stapples and glass pieces from them without flatting.
Only flat I had with them was because of a nail that would have destroyed the rim if not protected by the tyres’ 5 mm of rubber guard.


Road tubeless. Too much hassle for not enough benefits.


TRP Hy/Rd semi-hydraulic brakes … euw.

Sorry Lain.


They are fiddly to set up but have been a huge upgrade on the mech discs my bike came with.

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Brooks B17 saddles deserve perpetual combustion.
Mine never broke, it just gets harder and harder. Plus it’s an anchor.


The Speedlever … landfill!