Cycling products you'd NEVER buy again

I’ve only had my core cargo bins a season but they’re A1 at the moment, ditto 2 core jerseys. They’re my go to brand, as if you’re not too fussy about colours/having the latest model, you can pick stuff up on sale pretty regularly. I paid £80 for 2 core jerseys, which is less than something like DHB!

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I agree with all except purple anodized parts.

A lot of that stuff is out of production.

The market is limitless. People should not feel constrained by the choices offered by the big two or three. Anyone can build whatever bike they want with whatever parts they need, with patience, detective work and a little bit of skill. Much more fun than going to megastore and saying I’ll have that one.


It’s all debatable as to who and by how much the market is being influenced.

Consumers are not attracted by specific solutions, they are attracted by the perceived personal benefits of these solutions. (Note that novelty and image can be benefits as well) The negative consequences of these solutions are often overlooked, certainly in the beginning. If a new solution has draw-backs but has success, most of the time the industry will try to fix the issues rather than try out new solutions. Jumping on an existing wagon is easier than creating a new wagon.

People in the industry are also looking for benefits, but for their company or for their career. Hence me-too behaviour between brands, cost cutting, etc.

Apart from that, please also note that the industry consists of people. People who are at the same time decision makers/creators/marketeers and consumers. And the latter role surely influences the former.

You guys are thinking too hard.

There are the industry giants. And there are the small companies filling niche.

There will always been a short niche demand for things deemed not commercially viable by the industry giants. And there will always been alternative for those who go outside of the norm.

Think companies like Rivendell, René Herse, Paul Components, White Industries, Velo-Orange, Pacenti, DiaCompe/GranCompe, genevalle making/selling stuff for people who have a more vintage vibe : frictions shifting, silver parts, rim brakes, square taper BBs, odd wheel/tires sizes, Rinko bicycles…

Some of what was still cutting edge 10y ago like tubulars and 11-12sp indexed shifting will simply be taken over by smaller companies if there is still a small demand. The same way there is still a market for cooper and cast iron pans in a world dominated with non-stick coated pans.

For the record, you might not be able to find it on your LBS next door but you can still buy brand new Penny Farthing bikes in 2022.

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No it isn’t.

For you, maybe….but not for the majority of consumers. One of the first rules I learned in product management was to not let your personal preferences color your view of the market. It is also one of the hardest rules to learn.


How dare you accuse me of thinking too hard. I have never in my life thought of anything too hard :). In furious agreement- choice is unlimited and grateful for the Somas and RHs of the world.

Everything you need is a mouse click away.

Huh, my Airshot has been foolproof. Only fill it to about 130 PSI too.

I have got the schwalbe version of the Airshot after months of using a modified 1.5L soda bottle. Never had any issue seating a tubeless tire with both solutions. I always first slam the tires to the sidewall by using it without the valve core, then put back the valve core and inflate back again with the floor pump.

Using electricity to setup tubeless tires is lame.

Same method I use (removing the valve core). I also smear some sealant around the rim edge before using the airshot to seat it if it doesn’t work the first time but that only happened once.

Glad to see you completely missed the point.

Coming back to main topic of this thread….I bought a seat post mount for my Garmin Varia that I will never buy again. It works fine if you have a circular seat post but having a big fat plastic ring on the middle of your seat post is ugly af.

The rubber band based mount from Garmin is definitely not as functional but has a much better form.

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I’ll never buy Ringlé skewers again…awful product.