Cycling products you'd NEVER buy again

Of course, ROAD gloves: Ride Once and Assign to Dustbin.

Silliness aside, I’ve only recently come to the conclusion that MTB gloves and road gloves are not always interchangeable. Because of the diferent hand positions (straight bar vs hoods), the padding on MTB gloves is not always ideally placed for road usage.


Secret is going commando which means unpadded


I’ll never buy any tubeless products again… I liked the ride feel and at the time I rode tubeless, it was the best way to get a lightweight and relatively puncture proof solution, but… it was a hassle to use in all honesty, and after the TPU tubes came and I tried Aerothan, I’ve never looked back. Combined with Veloflex Corsa tyres, I have a lighter setup than ever, with comparable ride feel and hardly ever get a puncture, despite lots of detours on gravel (and I’m running 25mm…!)


I agree. I’m looking forward to trying Aerothan tubes next spring.

Interesting. I’m a total tubeless convert and would never go back


Funnily enough I tried Aerothan tubes but went back to tubeless.
I still got punctures and I didn’t have success patching them with the Park Tool patching kit which is supposedly fine with TPU tubes.

The ride quality is better with tubeless and touch wood, my last couple of punctures have sealed up fine.

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Have you measured them Veloflex tires?
I bought the 28 and they come out ~25.5 on my rims :unamused: they feel great, but I’d like the printed size on the hot patch for volume.
I bought them after I read that they would be generally consistent on sizing (maybe they’re consistently small?) and would feel great (which they do)

I was too and didn’t really decide to change - I just tried TPU out of curiosity for the last rides late in the season a few years back (my TLR-tyres had been out of stock for a while, so I was curious to see if TPU + nonTLR-tyres could be a backup), but with the intention of switching back… Then that just never happened… It wasn’t until my tires wore out and I had to order new ones, that I realised I most likely would never go back…

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Agree Veloflex are such nice tyres, I was tempted to try something more durable but Veloflex with latex tubes feel amazing.

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I hardly ever puncture, that has to be said - one per season at worst. And I’ve never bothered with patching any type of tube. If I punctured more often, maybe I’d still be on tubeless…

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Unfortunately not - but I’ll measure them when I get back home!

I’m not made of money so when a tube costs £25 each I’m going to try and repair it. Happened at least a couple of times before I gave up on them.

IMO TPU tubes are best as spares as they pack down so small are are light.

Bit late to the party here, but these tyres were the sole reason I stopped riding tubeless on the road.

I’ve been riding exactly this same setup, only with schwalbe’s doc blue sealant (which I believe I produced by STAN’s) and I found these tyres constantly puncturing and reopening earlier punctures. I never spend so much time cleaning my bike to get the gunk off (to be fair; the bike was brand new, so I was more prone to clean it anyways). Other than that I found them sketchy in the rain and they felt slow.

Maybe I had a bad batch, as the reviews of these tyres are generally very good. Went back to GP5000’s with latex inner tubes and never looked back. Also haven’t had a single puncture in the last 10k, nor in the 10k before the goodyears.

Unsurprisingly, it seems to vary depending on the internal rim width. I have three different rims, measuring 17, 18 and 19,5mm internally. The corresponding tyre widths front and back are 23+23,5mm, 25+25mm and 26+25,5mm.

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They’re certainly pricey (although a bit less so here), especially if one puncture a lot. In my case though, the yearly cost of running tubeless got up to approx. the same cost as two Aerothan tubes, when considering usage of sealant, rim tape, more expensive tires, etc… But I would of course also have preferred the TPU’s to be easily repairable if I punctured a lot. I still have that one punctured Aerothan-tube though, if they were to improve the patching :wink:

OK, thanks :slight_smile:
seems like they’re made with 18mm internal rim width in mind… mine are 16mm - hence the difference.
Nice that everything falls in place… :smiley: Now they only need to do some 30mm or 32mm widths… *nudge if anyone from Veloflex is reading :wink:

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In the table they have posted in the link below, 19mm is the middle value for 25mm fwiw, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more variables at play also - my measurements weren’t the most scientific in that regard. The tyres I have on the 18mm ones are much more worn than the others, as an example. Anyways, 16mm internal width seem likely to explain your measurements.

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Does anyone know if the Allied Echo falls into this category?