Cycling Socks

CT users…two question for you:

  1. What are your preference(s) for general, fair-ish weather (i.e. not winter or waterproof) cycling socks? I have my go-to brands, but would be interested to discover more options.

  2. Should chosen socks match the rest of one’s cycling kit? Is there something to say for uniformity, or is contrast (color, pattern, etc.) more eye-catching?

Since I quite like to have an uniform look (on and off bike), I have several pairs (I think about 7) of Fingerscrossed socks. Not the aero ones, just the “normal”, in several different styles, but all white. I wear white shoes, so that’s the only ones that go with it.

On the MTB, I ride the Fingerscrossed Offroad (in black). They are a bit special with the rubber thingies on the sole, but I don’t notice them once I wear shoes, and I like them a lot so far.

Needless to say I love the style of Fingerscrossed.

Fully recommend them, I also use the white road socks for running, and they seem to hold up nice.

Could you explain why you’re asking this? Do you have any problem with your current socks that you’d like to solve?

  1. Decathlon cycling and running/trekking socks, these are generally made from synthetic fibers that dry quickly. Especially handy for handwashing due to light packing for holidays.

  2. This is very important and highly personal: Do what pleases yourself and perhaps the other. But and this is where things can get narly: don’t boast about your own choice or talk bad about others choices. Cycling is the best activity there is and as cyclists we shouldn’t talk other people out of cycling due to there choice (or lack thereof) of socks. If the ground is fertile one could even compliment the other for their choice of socks even if this choice is diametrically opposed to ones own. This should never be done in a way that could be understood sarcastically/cynical or otherwise negative.
    Mine are black/brown, the shirt shines mostly. One could opt for socks with flashy patterns a la happy socks. My personal advise would be to keep the rest of ones outfit subdued then. Otherwise one might end up as a cycling clown. Clowns in general could upset people. Dressing as a cycling clown could negatively affect non cyclists thinking of cycling in general.
    A special touch for sportives or other incrowd cycling activities could be a total non-aligned outfit choice under the motto: let the legs do the talking.

I think way too much about my sock selection. I like it to somehow match the jersey. I have a few directly matching combos, but it’s usually just that they share a design element. Sometimes the socks are seasonal (I have yellow/green/polka dot socks for July, for example). I do like “fun” socks, which I’m seeing less and less these days.

I’ve never found socks that I think are particularly good in terms of comfort/performance, though I have found some that are particularly uncomfortable, with seams in bad places around the toes.

I used to go to Performance Bike (RIP), and every time I went, they had a box of random goofy socks, often from SockGuy or DaFeet. My current bike shop doesn’t have fun socks. Come on, bike shops, this is easy: If you regularly stock new fun socks, I will have no choice but to buy them each time I stop in. Even online stores don’t have fun socks anymore.

Also don’t listen to me, I’m crazy. When I’m biking inside, sans jersey, I pick my socks to match my chamois.


Honestly I am just curious! As @bernie mentioned, I often find myself thinking of sock selection and style, and am interested in other’s preferences, practices and picks. That’s how exciting my life has become, and I couldn’t be happier :slight_smile:

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My go-to socks brands Zeffz, great value for money (good quality too) and MB Wear for the luxurious feel. I have plenty of other brands.

My current personal style is to wear solid colour jerseys and socks.

I try to

  1. match socks to jersey
  2. match socks to bibs (when wearing non black bibs and I have a few)
  3. white socks to match white helmet, glasses, gloves and most time shoes
  4. black socks particularly in the wet, or wearing black bibs and white shoes
  5. matching patterned MB Wear socks and arm warmers when wearing black Gabba and thermal bibs

I have pink Silca aero socks. I am going to wear them. I am not sorry.


I had landed on Castelli socks, but then I tried Swiftwick Aspire compression socks. I’m sold. Solid colors mostly (they have a couple with subtle stripes, but nothing too exciting). I wear fluoro yellow because they are really eye catching for drivers. I’d love to be more fashionable, but they are great socks and I like the safety factor.

Socks are a personal preference thing, obviously…but I don’t really have any favorites. used many brands over the years and nothing really stood out. I guess one of my favorites have been Sock Guy, but I actually don’t own too many pairs of them. Overall, I find cycling socks to be ridiculously expensive.

That said, one thing we should all agree on…socks go under your leg warmers. Always.


I prefer light wool socks Rapha used to make nice ones but no longer. I found some nice velocio wools socks that I use now but am skeptical that they will be around much longer now that they have been acquired. I sometimes go out of my way to not match my socks and jersey out of tiny act of rebellion against the fashion show that is the NYC biking scene. And socks go under I’m confused as to why this is ever a question

I have a mix of sock brands, most commonly from Defeet and Sockguy. I like a bit “louder” socks in most cases, though I have a couple pairs that are more muted (from Rapha and Bontrager). The most important thing, though, is the comfort of the sock. I’d happily wear the ugliest socks imaginable if they kept my feet more comfortable than any other brand.

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Mostly prefer wool unless it’s warm and tropical. Found that brands will vary in quality over time - beware. Lately, Fox have been good. FWIW, it’s been my experience that ppl treat you better if you’re wearing funny or funny-colored socks. This includes motorists and folks you may encounter out in the middle of nowhere.


I have a pair of red / white / pink argyle socks that say “This Meeting is Bullshit”…my favorite group ride socks. :rofl:

I used to like Swiftwick the most, but they can be hot in summer. I’ve switched to Rapha. They last forever, they don’t sag, they don’t bunch up, and they come in multiple colors. If you buy in bulk you can get a discount that makes their price very competitive. If you live near a storefront, always ask what deals Rapha have. They don’t advertise, but often 3 pairs of socks or Bibs+Jersey, for example, will get you discounts.

I’ll second this recommendation for Fingerscrossed. Socks with no branding is a must for me and Fingercrossed is one of the few brands that provides that.

Also, their socks are anatomically designed (there is a right and left sock in each pair) and that makes a HUGE difference.

I’ll also toss out a recommendation for someone I used to work with back in my industry days…she is doing her own sock company now, sourcing them from Italy. Some nice, classic styles…

I used to like not wearing socks at all, but it ends-up being too stinky. Being an at-heart no socks type I get along with any sock that’s super thin, super breathable and short. Ankle socks are fine. Anklettes too. Used to only wear anklettes but ankle socks give some degree of abrasion protection in crashes. Black or white.

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Capo socks have been excellent for me for many years. They last for ever, and function perfectly according to their weight.

I snagged some free one from them at a bike expo years ago and have never looked back.

I don’t think anything can match Defeet Aerator for longevity…I still have pairs from 20+ years ago when they were used like cryptocurrency in the bike industry.

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