Cycling tips no spoiler mode?


A new member here,

I dont know if it was already requested but could you somehow implement no spoiler mode for the home page?

Usually we dont watch races live,
Would it be possible to somehow start by hiding the race results tab at the side… if you wish to go wild you can somehow blur race related articles in “no spoiler” mode :slight_smile:

Hope that this make sense :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm…I’m a big advocate of “no spoilers”, especially for things like message boards, etc.

But I think it is a bit much to ask a cycling news website to not have spoilers or create a “no spoiler” option. On race days, I simply avoid CT, VN, or whatever until I have a chance to watch.



I very rarely watch the race live and just avoid social medias and dedicated websites.

What I hate is when the TV streaming websites such as RTVE in spain do not allow you to access the stream without visiting a page showing the results.

Hah NBC in US used to always have the winning finish line photo as the thumbnail for the stage replay, so if you missed that stage and managed avoided all the social media and websites all day they managed to spoil it just to view watch it. I had to have my wife navigate the app and start the stage replay video for me so I could enjoy it lol


In theory I like the idea of no spoilers being an option but I do tend to agree that it’s probably unrealistic to ask a site to not have race results as a main/ most prominent placement on the site. The snappy headlines usually give away a result but they also are there to drive traffic.

After having it spoiled for me a couple times that way I started to navigate the menus with my eyes almost totally closed hoping I selected the right video.


Make yourself some browser shortcuts to the Tech/Adventure/Podcasts categories and you’ll avoid the News items in the feed.


Youtube and thumbnails are terrible for this kind of thing, so fustrating.