Cyclingtips Fantasy Competition scoring


I get that you get points if your pick finishes in top 10 during the stage, but what is the scoring system for overall GC, KOM and Sprints. Do you get points per stage basis or at the end of the tour or how? Didn’t find this in the rules. Rules

If it’s the same as the Giro fantasy, you get points (1-10) for each stage based upon where your selected rider finishes. Each stage point total is then added day-by-day, and ultimately result in a cumulative overall point total at the end of the tour.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, yep that much I figured. The rules talked about point for GC, KOM and sprints, that part I dont get.

“A) You chose a rider per stage. You get points for that rider based on their finishing position at the end of the stage, and any points for KOM and Sprint (+ve or -ve). Points are awarded for the GC as listed in the table below”

I think you get the actual KOM or sprint points for your rider during that stage?