Cycliq vids + Strava data syncing issues

I have Cycliq front and rear camera/lights. On Cycliq Desktop + when I attempt to export a video and sync the speed & stats with my Strava ride, the camera footage is completely off. It never syncs correctly anymore but it used to a while back. Does anyone have any issues with this or know how to rectify?

Maybe that’s due to clock drift. Connect to the light with the Cycliq app and it should automatically resynchronize the clock.

I never got it to work and gave up pretty quickly. I never bonded with the front light, but I’ve been using the rear on and off for years. Now on my 2nd bike though.

I use Garmin Virb for video editing. You won’t get the same graphics as the Cycliq software but the syncing feature works. It’s fiddly but once you get a feel for it, it works.