Dane Cash Gone!

I was shocked to hear on the podcast today the announcement that Dane Cash had been laid off by Outside Media. This is surprising and shocking as all us Cycling Tips readers have been told for years now is sign up for Velo Club and we will hire and keep great talent. Outside is purchasing us, it will allow Cycling Tips to expand coverage, hire new people and create better content. Cycling Tips puts up pay wall. Afterwards, Wade Wallace and Caley Fretz guarantee that this will only make things better. Just recently, we start to see and hear from new voices, Jonny (Not sure of his last name) and Kit Nicholson who I know has been around but is being used more. We are also hearing from Amy Jones in more then just Freewheeling. I subscribed to Velo Club before Outside purchased them. I have continued my membership but hearing this makes me second guess all I am being told by Cycling Tips. Is my money really being spent in a honest way? Just this week on the Nerd Alert Podcast, the guys questioned why Specialized/Roval was not more honest about the original Rapide/Alpinist wheels. I think Cycling Tips needs to do the same thing and explain to the readers/listeners why more talent is being brought on board while others are being laid off.


I’m not certain the right reaction to a guy losing his job is to worry if you are getting the best value for your subscription fee.

Really sorry to hear that Dane has been let go….I hope he finds something quickly and that the transition is painless.


There was a whole host of layoffs/cancellations among Outside’s titles.


Crap, Delaney, too?….was not a fan of him as the host for the VN pod, but enjoyed his articles.

Another in a series of regular reminders that the VC world sucks….


Have always liked Delaney and Dane. I hope they are both back in the cycling media world soon.


Crap. Not only did I love Peloton, the last print magazine I subscribed to, but Dane was great and his analyses of racing were fantastic. Outside is a shit show and has become a complete mess. It pisses me off that I can’t get away from them at all, from CyclingTips to BikeReg, they’re like some evil fungus that spreads and fouls everything it touches.


This is unfortunate. I like his reporting on race news. It’s the main reason I’m subscribed. I guess the thought is that Velonews covers racing, so why double dip?

Venture capital sucks for everyone except those with the capital. I hope the Cycling tips founders at least got some money out of the deal…


That sucks. I really liked Dane, his reporting is great.


I haven’t listened to the pod yet & missed the news but this is an absolute bummer. I hate hearing Dane won’t be on the CT team anymore as his insights (& reads) are second to none.

If you read this, good luck with the future & I hope you find something great.


Cool tool tuesdays are my favorite content. I’ll be giving my sub a review this month to see if I want to continue. I really enjoy nerd alert and a few articles a month (such as the recent Strava cheater article) but the other generic filler race content don’t do it for me.

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This is really disappointing and confusing. Didn’t Jonny Long just get hired for race coverage? And now the other guy who’s mainly doing race coverage is being laid off? I don’t get it…


I think we should remember to separate Jonny Long the person & his great race coverage from any decisions affecting other staff members. He’s been an asset to the staff & the others losing their job is in no way his fault but rather a decision made by the overlords.

I also encourage people to be patient on whether to cancel their VeloClub memberships as there’s been enough good over the years – funded directly by VeloClub – to take a wait & see approach rather than being reactive.


just to clarify: I have absolutely nothing against Jonny Long’s work or him personally. I am merely confused by a hiring policy where you have a person for task X, then get an additional person for that task, expanding the team only to then kick out the person for that task you’ve had initially?!


This is something I notice in other professions as well - replace an experienced and thus expensive resource with a cheaper new resource. I am making assumptions of course that this applies here not knowing salaries.


For the life of me, could someone explain to me why Robin Thurston, of Outside Interactive — since it’s his private equity roll-up corporate strategy and execution, here — would bother buying up an incredible title like Peloton Magazine just to kill it within 12 months??. Robin, why couldn’t you just decline to purchase it, so someone else who actually values its survival could buy it??

It’s possible for cycling media to survive with a few mid-sized or smaller, independent publications! Aspirational monopolists seem to think scorched-earth is the best tactic, but that only works some times for PE firms, and it certainly never works out for (a) diverse views, (b) industry accountability via independent media/press, and (c) vibrant (cycling) culture/discourse.

I’ve always loved the content of Outside, CyclingTips, VeloNews, and Peloton, but it really guts me to have private equity vultures controlling them.

For those of you who might be thinking, “it’s just business” or “it’s just media these days, so stop complaining,” please do some research on the private equity industry and the issue of corporate consolidation/anticompetitive practices. These are real issues and the worst part of it is this erroneous belief that these practices are (a) inevitable (as opposed to the product of specific people, like Robin, sitting in rooms making corporate decisions), (b) good for economic growth, (c) good for communities.

For consideration more insight on this issue —

Dane Cash / Ben Delaney — you both are/were great, so keep it up!

CT team / VeloNews team — hang in there!

ALSO — it’s an absolute disaster that Outside is now doing NFTs — i.e., crypto or as they are labeling it, “web3.” I happen to lay close attention to that space, and at best, it’s a cynical attempt to ride the coattails of a fad for some cash (just as Outside kills off tons of its core business: publications, online and print). But at worst, and it is more on the worst side of the spectrum, NFTs/web3 is full of scams and energy-wasting platforms w/ no productive value. Outside has attempted to side-step the energy issue by saying it uses the Solana blockchain, but Solan’s approach is highly centralized and favors participants who have the most of the cryptocurrency. For anyone who isn’t familiar w/ why crypto/NFTs/web3 are bad news and more relevant here, contrary to the ethos of Outside and its sister publications, not to mention readership, please see —

There is a good reason that Mozilla Foundation backed off from web3/crypto/NFTs after an uproar due to the ethical red flags raised by Mozilla’s co-founder.

I really hate to say it, but ever since the new owners got within a zip code of Outside, you could sense a dark clouds coming, and we’re now experiencing the first downpour.

If he loves cycling, as he says, I’d be grateful if he just got a subscription to one of the cycling publications (how about Peloton?) and leave the ownership piece to other corporate stewards that realize it’s possible to run a sustainable business w/o destroying it from the inside.


I think it’s harder to run a sustainable media business than you think it is.


NFTs and Crypto are a giant Ponzi tire fire and every once would do well to steer clear of them. I don’t trust anyone who gets involved. they are either scamming or being scamed. very long term blockchain could have some useful applications but for the time being it’s trash. see Luna/Terra as exzibit A.


Dane, along with Ronan, are the main reasons I listen to the podcast. This is a huge bummer. VC money ruins most everything.


I suppose we will never know but was Pelaton struggling that bad? I enjoyed their perspective and photos. They covered a very niche part of the sport


Well what to say - private owned media of any form is out to make money in one way or another. There are outfits where everybody on the team earns the same paycheck like - https://www.republik.ch/
But if you are looking for a certain amount of democratic influence you need a public media - based and financed by and within a democratic society - period.

For the rest I feel like some of you guys and just like the Clash sung a while back - The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Official Music Video) - YouTube