Dane Cash Gone!

With the absence of both Dane and Abby, I’ve found the last few podcasts borderline un-listenable. I’ve hardly missed an episode in +4yrs. No offense to any of the newer co-hosts (they are wonderful journalists) but dang, the pod is now a meandering blabbering mess that takes 5 minutes to explain something Dane would’ve said in two sentences, or that Abby would’ve redirected towards a coherent discussion. Hoping that Abby returns to the pod after her (well deserved) family time! Still pissed at Outside+ for firing Dane.


I’m still sad about Neal leaving. :grimacing:


I completely agree with you, I tried to listen to the last podcast, and I couldn’t get past the first 5 minutes.

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Dane, please team up with Cosmo.

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Why did he leave?

No idea :man_shrugging:

A poor and personal attack, lacking justification.


The nerd alert podcast this week included a person from Velo News. Another example of blurring the lines between “independent” sites. I would be curious to know if Outside requested this. I continue to miss Dane as the recaps of the tour de Swiss and the Dauphine were rushed and very surface. I hope things get better but I am beginning to wonder who is really steering the ship.

I was kinda hoping Levy would be there…

Yep. I do sense a definite change in tone, personnel, and direction, and I’m not wholly a fan.

I think that Betsy Welch was a great addition for gravel bike testing. I’m willing to bet that she has more hours on gravel bikes than the rest of the Nerd Alert guys combined. I think that this is a case where adding someone from outside CT adds a lot to the bike testing.


People either forget or are ignorant of the past roundup tests. The most recent vintage had Dan Cavalleri (who’d just left Velonews) and Mikey as testers, yet no one seemed to offer up a peep.

Betsy Welch is one of the finest cycling journalists out there today, and she’s a very welcome voice along with Ellen Noble. The content of their comments on the Nerd Alert podcast where great, along with the regular seasoned voices of Dave Rome and James.

Unfortunately the new additions to the regular CT podcast have the unfortunate situation of both not being the most comfortable speakers and having to “replace” Dane Cash. Johnny and Kit are both talented writers but they’re not naturalistic on the mic.

Outside needs to either consolidate or get out of the way of both CT and VN because their meddling has created a lesser product and unhappy customers. Hopefully that can be done sooner rather than later as they’ve already destroyed Pinkbike.


I can’t speak for anyone else’s experience within the Outside conglomerate, but I can definitely say that no one has asked/forced/requested/suggested anything at all to me in terms of how I handle my editorial duties.

Field Test is consistently one of the most difficult things I put together for CyclingTips, if for no other reason than trying to get the schedules of four testers and 1-2 videographers (many of whom reside in different countries/continents) together in one place for a week.

Without question, Betsy is the most accomplished and seasoned gravel racer we have under the Outside umbrella, and I’d been trying to lock her down to be one of our testers for Field Test for months. This was hardly forced on me, and if anything, I considered it pretty awesome that I even had access to someone with her chops for this.


My apologies if I came across attacking Betsy Welch. I fully agree that she is overly qualified! My only point was to give another example of CT/Velo news combining. Before the Outside merger this more than likely would not have occurred. My opinion is the Nerd Alert podcast is the only podcast worth the listen now as it continues to provide in depth and quality information while the CT podcast has really dropped off without the in-depth race reporting of both Dane and Abby. I know Dane is not coming back but I also know many of us listeners look forward to the podcasts each week as well as consider ourselves “investors” as we pay to consume what we enjoy. I continue to support CT and hope for the continued success for everyone. All the best

The few times I did listen to the podcast I always felt Dane wasn’t given the chance to share what he really had. He is able to go so deep into details without making it boring. I always wanted more Dane, but then again I loved his Recon Ride podcasts. Maybe it’s me but I think Dane was under used here at CT. Hoping he can go somewhere that appreciates his talent.

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Interesting tidbit about Ben I just tripped across: