Dane Cash Gone!

I respect your point of view & interest(s). There are, however, a lot of us who enjoy the additional color that setting the scene provides. I think there’s definitely room within the same episode for both of those things to exist.


When Outside acquired CyclingTips I emailed Wade and editors requesting that my Veloclub membership be immediately cancelled. A refund was issued, which I respected. I was then assured CT would continue to have significant control and that “the rest of the crew is still here.” So I restarted my Veloclub subscription in good faith. Now the crew is cut even as membership has doubled. Supporting Dane’s straight-talk race coverage was a major reason why I subscribed again. I hope this change doesn’t result in the prioritization of fluff…or “tuft” Why Tadej Pogačar is so tufty this Tour de France - CyclingTips We need some clarity on what Veloclub actually does. Is it simply a paywall now? It’s all very fishy, or, should I say “tufty”?


Tufty stuff is part of what makes CT special. Good race reports can be found elsewhere. Actually I’m enough of a fan of Iain’s work to choose tufts over racing if it came down to that :grimacing: (not that it should ever happen obviously).


In all fairness, I visit the platform for both racing and tufting. Still, nothing has yet to top the Toms Skujiņš potato interview or Mads Pederson selling red bikes. The 2018 tour was a special time for CT fans.


I’m just here for the haphazard, confused and wonderful Shoddy Dave! … And Freewheeling … And Nerd Alert … And…


Is the lack of Dane Cash the reason why there was zero coverage of Clásica de San Sebastián over the weekend? I could see there were previews and results articles on Velonews, but the preview was paywalled by checks notes Outside Online… I know we are in the post-Tour lull, but there were big names on the start list and San Sebastian is a prestigious race!


They’re not Australian crackers. They’re Arnotts Shapes.

Also no C’wth Games TT, track and - presumably - RR, although that is yet to come. Or if there was I missed it. Sure it’s not the Olympics, but like San Sebastián there are some big names there and there’s not much else happening at the moment. And I’m guessing a fair % of CT readers are from C’wth countries.

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Agreed, their coverage of races have been pathetic.

No disrespect or conspiracy theories intended but content on CT definitely feels different to pre Covid days, I don’t know why but I just don’t enjoy it as much as I used to?