Death of the once venerable Frame Pump

Hi Folks, is it me or is it nearly impossible to get a decent frame pump these days? I went to my LBS not too long ago and they looked at me as if i had 2 heads when I asked for frame pumps. Sure, mini pumps nowadays are so well made and work really well, so it dislodged frame pumps from their rightful place? I mean, aside from a rare zefal (which hasn’t changed in 30 years), or a $180 Silca, where are my topeaks, blackburns, specializeds frame pumps? Come on, guys. Give the roadies what they want!

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I was never a frame pump guy because I hate a cluttered-up bike, but I’m getting dangerously close to abandoning flat kits altogether. I went tubeless 2.5 years ago, and have yet to get a non-sealing flat in roughly 20,000 kilometers of riding. Knock on wood, I guess, but at some point the risk is so slow that the few times per decade that I flat, I’ll call my wife or a cab. Between CO2 inflators and great mini pumps, I don’t see much point in a frame pump. Unless you have one painted to match a custom steel bike.


Fear not, frame pumps are coming back into fashion. :wink:

I’m pretty sure you can still get a Zefal HPX from Rivendell, the reason shops don’t carry them much is probably due to the lack of straight tubes on new bikes. I have a Zefal on my ti Merckx that is at least 25 years old and still functions perfectly.


I hear you! There are few manufacturers now and some of the old faithfuls (I’m looking at you Zeffal) seem to not have the same quality they once did. I’m hoping they make a comeback with the resurgence of old style robust frames (now called gravel bikes). Not holding my breath though.

I get grief from the bunch for having a frame pump… but am yet to have a refusal when I offer mine to someone trying to achieve decent pressure with a mini pump. :thinking:

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Frame pumps have gone nowhere–plenty on the Bay, on Amazon, wherever. I used to do CO2 but got tired of polluting the environment, and even if I had a tubeless, I would never leave home without my Silca Tattico Pump ( I ride way too far to call my wife or a cab to bail me out)–on the bay for less than $100–best hand held pump I have ever used–effortless, can go to very high PSI, and mounts on the water bottle cage mount easily (and out of the way).

I was initially put off by the idea of spending $150+ for the Silca frame pump. After two co2 heads failed on me in the same ride I pulled the trigger out of pure frustration and ordered the pump while I waited for a ride on the side of the road. 6 years later and the pump has more then paid for itself. Ultra reliable and still as functional as the day I bought it. Also much better looking then any of the other mini pump options so I don’t mind having it on my bike everyday. Everyone makes fun of the frame pump until they’re sheepishly asking to borrow it.


There’s a “large” version of the Lezyne Road Drive: 283mm instead of 180mm for the “small” one. It doesn’t hook into the frame like a traditional frame pump, but it comes with bottle cage bolt mount. It should be fairly easy to make a custom top tube mount if that’s what you’re after.

Certainly fewer options exist these days. I’m just going to leave this here: The best frame pumps for road and gravel: Silca vs Zefal vs Topeak - CyclingTips

Yup . I have them on several of my bikes. So effective and reliable.
Had to buy them via EBay.
Mount them along the down tube using a mini pump bottle boss clip.
I have run tubeless for 5+ years. Flats still happen.

I have a zefal I think it’s branded as…always have, anyhow it keeps the HR up if you ever do have a flat

I got a Zefal on the Bay. It’s brilliant. Way better than my old mini-morph. It fits on my road bike and my hard tail.

Zefal HPX is still the go to metal framepump here in Europe that will last a lifetime and do 12 bar - and its cost 20% of a Silca.

It’s the equivalent of the SKS Rennkompressor florpump. A classic born 40-60y ago that is still relevant because it was good design back then and still is. Ergonomics could be better though.

best ‘new interpretation’ of the of the framepump i have seen is BBB’s Ovalintegrate intruduced 15y ago, belive it was only in production for 10-12y. It won’t last a lifetime (i picked up two, last one lasted until last winter where the rubber seal around the piston gave up in exactly the same place as my first one)

It was really good at moderate pressure, lightweight (only 108g fror the 330cm), ergonomic and easy to use (size L 430cm: 25mm up to 7bar, 28mm up to 6bar), easy to fit on any round tube bike with two velcrostraps. Loved it, brilliant design except from the long term durability. At some point there was even a carbon version, but its weakness is the concave shaped rubber seal - not the aluminum chamber.

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Pssst….they are. :wink: The overwhelming majority of riders don’t want frame pumps.

This has been the case for a couple of decades now.


It just looks wrong on a modern frame, but if I had a vintage steel bike I’d get a frame pump just because it matches the bike stylistically.

I don’t so I stick a miniature pump in a small saddlebag; with a good bit of pumping I get the tires to up to 6 bar which is roughly the ideal pressure anyway. Plus a repair & inflate cartridge if I want to get going quickly.

I’m with you on the cluttered up bike. But I carry a mini-pump with me everywhere. No-one I can ring to pick me up. And a few times it has come in handy for others who have flatted in locations where there is no mobile phone coverage. I carry a small patch kit for the same reasons.

Yeah CO2 inflator and mini pump in jersey pocket.
Tube, levers, patch kit in saddlebag.
Tubeless and haven’t had to use in 12 months.

Truer to say that the majority of bikes sold today, are not suitable for frame pumps.

Your LBS used to be able to stock 3-5 sizes of frame pump, and that would cover every road bike, town bike, most mtb; basically every diamond-frame, steel bike on the shop floor, which was all of them. Also, frame pumps were the only game in town.

Mini pumps and co2 and other inflation systems do have their advantages, and are the right choice for some people and some bikes, but none of them are all-round better for everyone than a well-made hp pump that tucks in under the top tube.

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Oh no doubt…but frame pumps were dead long before this generation of frames were developed. They were well on their way to extinction in the 90’s.

People just didn’t want them any more…they cluttered up the looks of a bike, they added weight, they rattled, CO2’s were more convenient, etc.

Even the cheap SP pumps didn’t rattle. They just weren’t very good pumps, which is probably why nobody’s trying to revive them.

The compact frame designs were coming in during the 90s, so other pump designs had to come in. Anyone who had more than 2 bikes couldn’t use the same frame pump for all of them, but a mini pump works with any bike