Dedicated winter tire?

Hey all,

I’m considering whether to buy winter tires for my roadbike or just stick with the regular ones I have. About three months (or roughly 2000km) ago I put new Continental GP 5000 tires in 25mm onto my bike. So far no problems at all with punctures or grip on wet roads.

However, with cold weather coming, I’m thinking about getting dedicated winter tires such as the Continental 4 Seasons or the Specialized Roubaix Pro in 28mm.

I’m not sure though, if that even makes sense, considering that I’ll only ride down to 0 celsius (32F). I would appreciate if you could share your experiences and especially knowledge regarding whether to get the dedicated winter tires or just stick with the (impressive) Conti GP 5000.

Thank you very much!

Check out the other active thread on “winter tires”–it should answer most of your questions, or at least give you a bit more understanding of your options.

Thanks for the hint. I was following that thread and there’s a lot of valuable info regarding which tires (or tyres :wink: ) work well for autumn/winter.

I was trying to find out if it makes sense to switch to winter tires at all, wich isn’t really covered in the other thread. However, I think I’ll stick with the GP5000 for now and see how far they take me without going horizontal :grinning:

Thanks and ride on :biking_man: :biking_woman: :sunglasses:

Race tyres (like the GP5000) wear relatively quickly, and with the greater debris on the road in winter, will be more puncture prone.

If you put in a lot of winter miles, and ride down lanes/back roads a lot, you may find you get a lot of punctures, and go through tyres more quickly. There’s also the consideration that a puncture is much more of an inconvenience when it’s cold and wet, and if a puncture actually leaves you stranded in winter, that’s potentially genuinely dangerous.

On the other hand, if your roads are largely good, and your winter miles are fairly limited, then the GP5000s may well be perfectly adequate.

For reference, I’m in the UK, ride on generally not great roads, am fairly high mileage, and swap out GP5000s for IRC Formula Pro X guards for the winter (I swapped them out about a fortnight ago).

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Thanks a lot for the info and insight. Very helpful!