Did we learn anything from the TdF stage 1? (Spoilers)

My take:

  • all the big guns look in good shape. With the conditions, we can’t make any meaningful comment on the small differences between them
  • whatever tyres Bissenger was running, I don’t want them
  • Lampaerts got lucky with the commissaires and his socks
  • Thomas really isn’t the clearest thinker in the race :joy:
  • after the Bahrain raid, there’s probably been a lot of flushing going on elsewhere…

I’ll disagree here….Pog showed he is a notch above everyone else. In 2020 (and arguably even in 2021), Rog was considered the better TT’er. Today, Pog ran Ganna and Wout close.

I’m still giggling at the massive PR fail by Specialized….all this fanfare over the ugliest / dumbest TT lid ever and Lampaert takes yellow in the old lid.

ETA - the other thing we learned is that the trend in TT helmets is to make them as wide and ugly as possible. The new Specilized and Kask helmets are just hideous.


According to GCN they were new, unreleased 28mm Vittoria Corsa Speeds.

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Now I thought wider tyres were supposed to give more grip…



IIRC, Bicycle Rolling Resistance has said that Corsa Speeds were an awful choice for the rain. (Have no idea if that pertains to the ones used today, but evidence suggests the trend is holding. :crazy_face:)


To be grateful for my decision to live in the desert.

Holding?! :smile:

Trend is holding…tires are not! :crazy_face:

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The weather didn’t do Bissenger any favors. He rode during the shittiest weather of the day.

Bissegger is on EF. CT gallery shows EF using Corsa Speeds. I believe that’s what MVDP used to send it today. Tires have little to do with it - probably.

Funny thing is, people were speculating that Pog would switch to Corsas after his episode in Slovenia on the Pirellis. But he used Pirelli Race tires today and did just fine.

It’s not always the tires, folks.

Just checked on BRR and the Corsa Speed is well rated for wet grip and that was a 25 so a 28 should do better with it’s larger contact patch. As pointed out below I’m sure it’s a popular tyre so plenty of riders would have been using it.