Did you buy the CA-CT Equals kit?

I’m curious to know how many people here bought the “Equals” kit to support the Cyclists Alliance?

  1. Did you buy the kit
  2. Are you a Veloclub member.

This is not a CT authorised survey. It might get deleted if I’m not allowed ask in public.

I got the kit, but it was also my project in my brief stint on CT staff. I would have bought it even if I was only a VC member though.

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I got it, it is beautiful. Unfortunately it is one size too small. And I followed the size chart. My girlfriend was happy to “inherit” it from me. I am a VC member.

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I did not. I’m a VC member.

If I had disposable income to spend on it, I would have though.

VC member but didn’t buy the kit, although that’s only because it’s not the kind of jersey design I would wear . I’ve been a paid up “member” of the Cyclists Alliance since they first opened it up to the public two or three years back though.

Got a pic? I have a CT jersey (VC member), but not sure if it has a name.

Hard pass… that kit was hideous, which was disappointing.

Thanks. No, not my style.

  1. I did not buy the kit, although I support the mission. Just not in the market
  2. I am a VC member
  1. No
  2. Yes

I am a VC member and bought the jersey. Feels great, but not warm enough for a ride yet.

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Yes and Yes

i think the kit rules. got my jersey - but somehow my bibs order was missed.
That was disappointing, but Black Sheep was super-cool about it. instant refund + free normal racing bib + discount on a future order

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