Disc wheel changes in pro racing

Yes, he is absolutely right. Both, through axle and QR do not take any bending load. Not difference in stiffness whatsoever.

My biggest argument against lawyer tabs is from working in shops. My experience was that flat changes and loading the bike in and out of cars with lawyer tabs requiring an adjustment of the QR was number one cause of loose wheels.

People can easily be taught how to close the flippy switch but teaching how to set tension correctly is harder. Most ended up too loose. If it had been set once correctly they could just cam it closed and call it a day. Often it would be loosened and not tightened at all which would barely hold with no tension to keep cam shut over lawyer tabs.

My favorite malicious semi non compliance is QRs with longer throws which could clear lawyer tabs.

The problem has already been solved but is patented. I have the q-loc2 system on a Suntour Fork on one of my MTB. You still have to slide-out/slide-in the axle but removing the wheel is almost as quick as with a quick release.


This should have been open-sourced as nobody will buy an MTB suspended fork for a quicker release mecanism and no brand will swallow the fee for a patent that only appeal to a tiny fraction of the road market.

Just to be clear, I’m not making an argument that Lawyer Tabs are a perfect, or even a good, solution. The point I was making was the anecdotal “I’ve never seen a wheel come off in the peloton, so therefore Lawyer tabs are the work of a Nanny State” is simplistic and factually incorrect.

And that is from the POV of someone with a history working in the shop…millions of bikes are sold through mass merchants and department stores, where there is no one to correctly teach people how to use QR’s.

Not exactly according to this analysis…

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To be clear I’m not saying I think not having lawyer tabs is safe, I’m saying I think lawyer tabs are less safe.


Thanks for posting this, now I understand the interface a lot better.
Fwiw: I immediately noticed the change in rear stiffness when I changed to DT Swiss steel clamping bolt (“thru axle”) where I’m able to rotationally input the force instead of a cam. I thought it’s just me and wanting to feel the change ('cause, new hw :sweat_smile:), but apparently there’s sth. to it :+1::grin:

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Yeah, I understood the point you were making.

Then you are doing something wrong.

I’d love to know, because whatever I’m doing wrong isn’t obvious.