Dissent 133 Glove System for Winter

Has anyone used the Dissent 133 glove system for winter riding? I’ve been using an older set of Pearl Izumi WXB gloves (liner and shell), but frankly, they’re very bulky and not very adaptable to conditions. The Dissent 133s seem to offer a lot of adaptability for a wide range of conditions.

On a related point, a winter glove deep dive seems to be in order for the CT staff.

I don’t have experience with them, but I recently shopped them. A couple things turned me away. First the fold-over closure (accomplished by the wrist loop) was wont to catch water according to some reviews, and can be collected by the liner… because the liner is longer than the outer and as well as that it also collects water that runs down your arm. That might be moot if you have long sleeves that will never stray from covering the outer, but with long arms, my sleeves have a tendency to ride up so long cuffs are a must for me.
Lastly the price. If I didn’t already have some cold weather gloves and wanted everything in one buy, I would be more interested in the investment now. I might still consider them if available in the future.
Interested to hear from others though.

I looked into them a couple years ago too and turned them down. I don’t remember exactly why but I think price, concern about losing pieces, and complexity was the reason. I went with castelli perfetto rain or shine and have been very happy with them. Dexterous, warm, tight, just not fully waterproof so not for very rainy days, just sprinklers. They’re on sale some places right now too. For example: https://www.westernbikeworks.com/product/castelli-mens-perfetto-ros-glove?v=bkkk00m&adl=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAgribBhDkARIsAASA5btX6poIR-K7-DGRPQTCBOiVtWsSFcZm94ZeqnjfyyZ7txj17KP7a4caAufyEALw_wcB

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I ride in all conditions here in Switzerland and have quite a glove collection. All bought in spring on sale. My favourites

Dakine Ski fleece inner gloves CHF 25- 10-6 deg C. Best breathability. Rubber tip pattern. Good for running to much lower temps. Free with some models of Dakine ski gloves.

Assos 2/3 season gloves CHF 70 - 15-4 degrees. similar temps as above, fully windproof. Nice clean fit as pull on with long wrist covering, look expensive as they are. Only downside is the synthetic leather palm absorbs water, which is great for wiping the brow, less so if it rains. I also have various Castelli wind stopper and similar lightly insulated gloves. These give 90% of performance at 60% of price. Also good for running and XC skiing etc.

Assos 3/3 season gloves CHF 90. Basically these are ski gloves but with less bulk and an incredibly silky feeing inside. Cuff could be longer, but otherwise you know why you spent the money. Worn from 5 deg C downwards. My ride buddies try other gloves, then quite often end up with these if they ride in the cold.

Dakine Scout ski gloves, CHF70. These have a rubberized palm and dakine’s version of gore tex liner and gauntlet cuff so you can swim in powder snow. Good for 0 downwards to minus 20, then a liner is needed. A bit bulky for cycling, so if that’s a problem Wolftooth pogies needed. The rubber palm means you can make snowballs without them soaking too much and they are robust enough. Mine only split seams after using them to grab a rope ski tow, and then duct tape fixed them for the next 5 years. I also have Hestra leather gloves which are 3x the price but objectively worse in all areas other than robustness.


I suffer from Reynaud’s syndrome in my fingers, so any more than 20 minutes in cold weather and my fingers go blue and completely numb and dead, it lasts for a few hours.

I’ve spent a small fortune on winter gloves over the decades but never really found a good solution. I’ve tried every major brand, lobster claw gloves, ski gloves, inners, triple layers, etc.

UNTIL I decided to invest in Sealskinz heated electric cycling gloves. Best cycling purchase ever, it’s allowed me to ride through the year. Expensive but I had no other option.

With silk inner gloves, the Sealskinz on low setting have enough charge to last for 4-5 hours and have completely solved my Reynauds problem. Honestly I never thought I’d be able to solve it.

Only problem is that the gloves aren’t for rain use (obviously).

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I recognize this isn’t answering your question, but FWIW, I haven’t found any gloves that were warm enough for me when road riding in winter. And I don’t have particularly cold-sensitive hands. It’s just that on long rides, with wind and temps below freezing, your hands will get cold unless you give up so much dexterity as to be dangerous. Bar mitts / pogies were a total revelation for me. My hands stay warm and dry in freezing temperatures without anything, or maybe just a really thin glove liner. Amazing.

Another Reynauds here. I’ve settled on mittens and MTB shifters for the winter (MN). There’s usually ice and snow anyway, so I want the studded fatty. Mittens are super comfy. Big leather ones I can get liners in.