DJ mixes for indoor training

This is the result of a summer project of mine. I wanted to make a DJ mix specific for a 20 minute FTP or ramp test. Specifically, I find that hard-edged drum & bass music gets the best results: it’s methodical, aggressive, brute force music — exactly what one needs to grind out a 20 minute max effort. And with a tempo of 172bpm it matches the heart rate :wink:

• It’s been programmed so that if you press play when you have 1 minute until the start of the test/interval: the bass drops right on cue at the beginning of the test/interval.
• It’s been mixed so that there are no breakdowns (breakdowns = ambient sections common in dance music) — continuous beats all the way until the final outro.

Download from Soundcloud (to download, click “… More” button under the player)

Anyone make their own mixtapes for indoor training?

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