Do you like manual shifts in cars?

I made an H pattern shift lever that imitates a manual shift lever of a car for an electric bicycle shift.

This is for 10 speed.

Operate the Di2 or eTap derailleur with this.It is also possible to skip any gear.I programmed the front to change when I access the same gear position twice to operate the front derailleur.


Very clever indeed! How do you operate the clutch when pedalling ? :joy:

Being serious for a moment, is the shifter mechanism weather proofed?

This could be a very useful idea for sight impaired cyclists using indoor trainers?

A niche application I am sure but it would allow for them to identify where on the cassette they are at a touch rather than having to rely on memory. Not sure there’s a compelling commercial need but I’d guess there would be some who’d be interested or who might trial the system for you


Seriously, it’s not weatherproof. I’m just trying to achieve the functionality.

It’s a new perspective that it may be useful for the visually impaired when using an indoor trainer.

I was only thinking about inviting everyone to smile! :grinning:


Very cool and geeky. If I was in “second gear” could I then move it directly to the “sixth gear” as an example?

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Yes! You can go from any speed to any speed.:grin:

It uses the parts of the analog joystick used such as Playstation.


I can see no need for this in any way… but I love it! Awesome work.


I agree.:sweat_smile:

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How about the opposite - an auto programmed with torque and rpm inputs? LOL.

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It is impossible for me to make it automatic. In a thought experiment, the gear becomes inner low every time the vehicle stops at a traffic light.

I want to try an idea that doesn’t exist.

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Not a big fan of manual in cars. Driving is only a mode of transport to me, I want less to think about not more. Your idea is still very cool though.

As a side note, your creation reminds me of the Raleigh Chopper: Raleigh Chopper: The definitive history and collectors' guide


Car logic alone certainly wouldn’t work but there are some overlapping aspects. Sometimes you want to hold a bigger gear and modulate with effort. Or, at other times you want to spin lightly in a small gear without shifting up. Just trying to be funny. A car motor doesn’t get tired. The exhaustion factor adds at least a whole layer of logic in complexity.


Hi, I’m Peter Holderith, an auto journalist at The Drive. I would love to hear more about this device and your plans for it! Please send me an email at Thanks!


As an aside, there is a Colnago concept model announced in 1988.


Here is a lever like a manual shift in a car.

I’ve long thought this lever was an H pattern, but if you look closely, what’s hidden in the boots is a normal downtube shifter.


Hello Peter.
I have no good plans to tell you. What should i do?:disappointed_relieved:
What I want is for everyone to see what I have made and discuss it with a smile.:smiley:

mission complete.

You should call that a testarosshift or something like that as it looks a lot like the h gearbox plates of the older ferraris.


While a SUPER COOL thing…working for impared cyclists is kinda off base. I have build more than a few bikes for disabled folks (one arm, blind - tandem), one leg and a few others. One arm now with the stock electronics is a no brainer (blips)…one leg, well, not too hard. Blind? That person is the stoker (unless you can get an 1890’s or so tandem where the steering control is the rear handlebar, not so sure you want a blind person in front).

You need an inclinometer or an artificial horizon gauge. With this, you can set a bottom limit on the starting gear.