Do you name your bikes?

In addition to normal things like kids and dogs, I name bikes and cars. Based on the WTFs that I get when the subject comes up, this is not common. So, do any of you do this? Why? I have a bike named after an old and very missed dog and let my son name another one (Monkeynard…), but most are a reference to something about the bike itself.


Yes. I have:

  • Pinarello
  • Bianchi
  • Kinesis
  • Soma
  • Orbea

I’ll see myself out, thank you ---------------------------------> :door:


Yeah, for some reason I anthropomorphize a lot of inanimate objects!

Race bike is Bambi, gravel bike is Krystal, SS bike is Candy and MTB is Charlene. All names are joke stripper names and are alliterative with the brand, and before naming after strippers gets the pitch forks out Candy was first named by a gf who worked at a strip club and the naming scheme stuck!


I refer to mine by their manufactures’ name, so WTF is correct - but my wife has a personal name for hers, so I won’t say that.

Only the bikes I make for myself, and not all of them.
The Crash Cart


Never before Strava. Then, when inputting my “gear” it seemed so dry to just name them CAAD10. So my next Cannondale got named “Dale,” and when I built a steel Bianchi up with full Campag, it got named “La Tradizione,” and the cargo bike is the “Green Monster,” and my current bike in the 91 Lotto team colours is named “Claude” after Criquielion.

When it’s a bike you build up yourself, it does feel a bit more personal.


Yes. My bikes are always some kind of play on the frame’s color scheme.

So I have a green gravel bike that i call The Green Meanie.

I had a blue road bike I called The Blue Beetle (until the chainstay snapped, RIP).

I have an orange road bike I call Tangerine.

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Absolutely I name my bikes.
Current stable includes:
Black Lightning (go fast bike)
The Green Monster (cross/gravel bike)
Travel Companion (travel bike - quite lonely these days)
Beer (singlespeed bar bike - it’s actually an old Raleigh Rainier)

I think it was my wife that started the tradition with both bikes and cars.

Like was mentioned, I think Strava is a big reason why I keep doing it. It looks like most of mine have non-obvious names and most of those that don’t were rentals (not sure why I added them). Willie the Orbea Occam was a rental from Poison Spider in Moab, and they insisted I call him that. Worked or me. A buddy of mine named his Chisel “Chiselle”. That’s a good one.


A couple of years ago, a stray, pregnant cat moved in with us as cats do and gave birth to six kittens on our spare bed.

At first, we didn’t name them and just referred to them by numbers, because who would want to keep six kittens?

After a while, they got their names all right and against all reason, of course, they stayed, just as a good bike would.


Nope. No names for my bikes other than the brand/model. It’s not like I have so many that they are hard to keep straight.

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Nope. They’re known as the Factor, the Ridley, and the BMC. Sometimes the BMC becomes the Run DMC, but that’s about it.


I should add, my bikes are literally only “named” on Strava. If I’m differentiating between bikes with my wife, it’s “the yellow one” or “the cargo bike.”


Yep, and all the names are tenuous:

  • Metalheadz (Gold CAAD 13, named after the record label set up by Goldie)
  • Robin (Bowman Palace, shouldn’t need to explain that one)
  • Herbie (Fairlight Secan, Herbie Hancock was a famous player of Fairlight synths)
  • Das Chumpwägon (A Pinnacle Arkose, the utility bike with a child seat for my son)

Nope, I have as much emotional connection to my framesets as I have to my 3/8" and 1/2" impacts in the garage at the end of the day all of them are just tools/equipment.

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Smokey for the steel road bike and Bikestard for the commuting/touring bike because she did so much and seems like undestroyable :grinning:

Name you bikes…? Did we slip into an alternate universe (again)? No, I don’t name my bikes–I use the names they came with, as in the “Ridley”, or the " red Storck" (I have two Storcks–the other is the “black Storck”).


Oh yes…I name all my bikes

My raw alloy bike with orange stickers and bits is Tangerine Dream. Yellow framed hardtail with a red Z1 and bits is called Hot Mustard (which is actually what the company calls the color, and I loved it).

I use this methodology for myself, for my family I call them the White Bike, the Blue Bike and the Gray Bike.

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