Do you name your bikes?

My mountain bike is Alexander after Alexander Fleming who was a genius and a Scot. Can you guess what Mtb I own?

I have:
Bertie the Belgie
Bartholomew the BMC (soon looking for a new home now that’s Bertie’s moved in)
Charlie the CrossRip
Silver - because she’s a naked CAAD9. No paint job for her, just lovely brushed aluminum - which is silver of course.

What can I say? I like alliteration when it comes to bike names?

I also had a Boardman CX that I called Jayne after Jayne Cobb from Serenity. Probably should’ve thought a bit more about that because I swear to god that bike was trying to kill me.

All of my bikes are named because they all have their own personalities, or I think they do

retired road bike: Kaylee
Cross/Gravel/current road bike: Serenity
Gravel Bike: River Tam
E-cargo bike: Spaceball One, because it is a tank of a bike and “We brake for no one”. Plus, it’s the bike that puts the biggest smile on my face

I love how people anthropomorphising things be it bikes, animals, cars or anything else fall into two extremes.

Where one camp is like “name my bike? Are you clearly insane it’s just a lump of metal” and the other group is saying “this is Mr Wiggles and he rides in the back of old man blue the pick-up”.


Pretty sure those who are “anthropomorphising” (attributing human characteristics …to an…object) fall into one side of the equation–those that name their bikes, while on the other side, those that don’t, aren’t anthropomorphising anything…


My new ROCKSTAR ebike is a target here so I lock her up tight. A few friends drop by and see the bike and start to laugh. One said damn you have that thing all wrapped in locks and chains.
So at that point she became
Lets ROCK!!!

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suddenly I hear Again in the background :joy:

Only ever given one bike a name, and it’s the Open Cycles U.P. that I just built up. I managed to get one of the framesets painted in Aston Martin’s California Sage, a stunning metallic green first seen on the DB4 in 1959. So based on the paint colour and taking inspiration from Sebastian Vettel (who named his not-quite-California-Sage-green Aston Martin F1 car this year “Honey Ryder”, after Ursula Andress’ character from the 1962 Bond film, Dr. No), this one got the name “Honey Rider”.


I’ve always called my Madone ‘Mad One’ and someone who follows me on Strava referred to it as Crazy Bike, so they clearly didn’t get the joke (or are not that interested in different models of road bike).

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Yes. I have:

  • Roubaix
  • Kinesis
  • Spectrum
  • Pivot
  • Catrike

I ‘name’ my bikes on Strava as well.

However, the same bike will have multiple names, such as…
2020 Spectrum (2020)
2020 Spectrum (2021).

This tells me when the bike was put into service, 2020, as well as the number of miles it has been ridden in 2020. When the new year hits, there will be a new bike in Strava… 2020 Spectrum (2022)

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All bikes in my fleet have to be named. No different from a ship or aircraft, they carry you, they have to be named.
Current fleet includes Charlie Murphy, Lady Vengeance

Only blue, red black bike etc on Strava.

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Oh yes! My current bike’s name is Jerry, my partner’s Strida EVO is named Eve!

Of course:
Jet (Canyon Endurace) - previous road bikes were Ruby 1 and Ruby 2 (Specialized) but Ruby 2 was stolen . . . so the new bike carried on the ‘gem’ theme.
Stealth (Orro Terra C gravel bike) - as she runs so quietly I can sneak up on folks . . .
Mantra (Saracen MTB).

Only some of mine get names, and the only ones that stick are easier names to use than the model names.
I have a second hand steel bike that goes by “JJ Steele”, a play on the frame makers name (which is on the bike).
My COVID panic-buy Topstone is referred to formally as “Oliver Topstone III”, but usually just by model name in conversation.
My wife has her Fuji road bike that she refers to as “The Bus” because of its speed and handling with a rack and basket permanently affixed.
Mostly I’m boring otherwise. I find if I mention a bike to someone by another name, I usually end up explaining which model I mean, so I just skip to referring to it as that in the first place.

I name my bikes, my home trainer, my cars and the unknown cat who comes every evening. Plus some odd people I know from afar but not to the point of knowing their names.

My old italian steel race bike’s named Firmino, the gravel is Lucien, the commuter’s Albert and my newly self-made steel mtb will go as Curtis, although the poll I recently ran among friends and family showed a very strong preference for Mireille. I guess the first trail experiences will help me decide on this one.

I’m not sure everyone who names their bike is actually anthropomorphizing something. It may ormay not be the case but it’s not obvious.
I named my bikes as I would do if I were to own, say, vessels or aircrafts. But I do not believe they have soul or whatever. They’re only objects.

  1. La Route Defoe is the travel bike and grocery store mule

  2. The Sea Discourse is the climber

  3. The Weather, The Seasons is the endurance bike.

Of course they’re inanimate and soulless steel things, that’s it.


Yeah, I’m sure it’s not everyone, more a slight exaggeration for humour’s sake. Naming them in Strava/anything publicly accessible makes sense to not have the brand/model for security reasons.

I name them, tend to be colour based:

Rusty - Gravel bike which is a copper/rusty colour
Bianco - white road bike
Redbred - red singlespeed MTB
Tango - orange gravel bike (which needs to be moved on)

The exception is my SSCX bike (converted Giant TCX) which I called Tempest and I can’t remember why!