Does the Canyon S13 VCLS CF Seatpost needs special inserts/clamps for carbon rails?

I’m getting conflicting info from Canyon. When I ordered the seatpost I specifically asked if it could hold the oval carbon saddle rails on my new Specialized S-Works Romin EVO with Mirror. I was told it could but would require different inserts. They were out of stock and didn’t expect any until January.

I called today to see if they had arrived. This tech said that the inserts that came with the saddle could handle both oval and round saddle rails! Does this sound right? I really don’t want to use this saddle as a test! It’s fair too expensive to use to learn from trial and error.

So, is anyone successfully running the S13 VCLS CF with carbon rails? Any insight would be appreciated.


Whilst I don’t have the S13, the buckle is a top/bottom clamp which can usually accept round or oval rails no problem. My gravel bike has top/bottom clamp and I use the Romin Evo mirror on that.

Buckles with side clamps need specific round or oval clamps. The Canyon S15 uses side clamps. That might be the source of the confusion.

Thanks! There’s a pic on their website of the S13 with a saddle mounted. It definitely is clamping top/bottom. I’ll mount it and then give it a thorough inspection… and go from there.

Generally speaking, seatposts with an upper/lower clamp design like the S13 VCLS CF will readily accept both round and oval saddle rails, while ones that clamp from the sides usually required specific cradles.

Anyway, long way of saying you’re good to go! I have that same seatpost. It’s a good one :slight_smile:

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Thanks, James. That gives me some peace of mind. It was your review of the Specialized saddle that made me pull the trigger. Haven’t been able to find a comfortable saddle since returning to cycling after 10 years away. I hope this is the one! :crossed_fingers:

I’ve got the same post, Canyon said to me it was fine with carbon rails. I’ve been using for a few weeks without issue as well.

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