Drop bar 29ers

@James_Huang, are you going to build that drop bar 29er you talked about on the most recent podcast? It’s about time you tried one. I think that would make a good entry into any future XC field test, as well as any gravel test. Just make sure it’s rigid and has fast tires. While every homebrew version will be different, I would be curious to see how the concept of a drop bar, traditional/old 29er XC bike compares the the more modern crop of gravel bikes (or whatever they are).

Who has built a drop bar 29er (or some other MTB wheel size)? Sure, they aren’t ideal everywhere, but they’re great in most situations.

I was working on a prototype 2025 Trek Domane+. Trek rejected it. Weird.

Sadly (hah), I never actually built that up to ride. It’s back to a boring old flat bar FS bike.

This one is good though:

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The issue is reach. Typically 29er are quite long and with drop bar they are too long even with 60mm stem, no setback seatpost etc. Switched to a proper gravel bike after a year of experimenting.

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Yeah, success is certainly frame, tt, and stem dependent. I have a 45mm on mine, and it’s one of my best fitting and handling bikes. Looks a bit goofy, but it’s fun. I had a 60 on another one that also worked well. I assume this doesn’t work as well with the current trend of long top tubes.

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Belle cycles built this ATER several months back for christian meier.