E-Bike for the lady in my life

Hi all

Looking for any recommendations for an e-bike for my partner. Nothing too fancy, leave the expensive bikes for me :laughing: Aiming around the $1000AUD mark.

Thanks all!

1000AUD is really bargain basement for e-bikes, unfortunately, you’ll struggle to find one for that at the moment.

The big decision you have to make is whether you want a mid-drive or hub motor. Mid-drive motors are better - the Bosch mid-drive I have really does feel like you’ve turned into Pogacar, rather than you’re riding a motorbike - but you pay a lot more for them. The bad news is you’re going to pay a lot more than $1000 for one. Most of the e-bikes offered by the established bicycle makers are mid-drive.

You can get a hub motor bike for a lot less (maybe $1500 and up) but the cheap ones come with real bargain basement componentry (Altus gears etc).


Speaking from experience… I’d agree that you might want to adjust your budget.
At the end of the day - potentially she is more likely to ride it if it’s a decent bike that she can really enjoy?

Thanks for the replies!

I pretty much knew I’d have to look at second hand for her as I don’t think she really wants to spend a lot in the first instance. But I’ll try and convince her to spend a bit more!

Not sure of the exchange rate but a Swytch kit and a cheap second hand bike should come under budget.

Advantage is that you can get whatever kind of bike your wife would prefer whether that’s a hybrid, mountain or road bike. Maybe even get a cheap frame and build it up with spares you have lying around.

Did she tried an e-bike already?

I ask because we rented some e-bike a few months ago for a ride. My gf is a novice (learned to ride a bicycle less than a year ago) and not nearly as efficient and I thought I could maybe convert her bike to electric or gift her a new one if the experience was positive.

Turned out to my surprise that she hated it as she felt very little in control. The whole thing about the engine pushing the bike immediately when turning the pedal felt very stressful to her. She doesn’t drive nor ride a motorbike so she is totally stranger to the experience of controlling a throttle and really the pedals are more a throttle controller than a way to propel the bike on an e-bike. In the end I abandoned the idea.

So best to make sure she really subscribe to it before committing especially if budget is increased.

Got my wife an eMTB (Focus Jam) and it has been awesome - allows us to ride trails together when it wouldn’t have been feasible before. Like you said though you will definitely need to look at second hand to come in anywhere near that budget.

You may also want to test bikes that use a torqye sensor with a mid-drive vs. hub motors. The hub motors and mid-drive motors that use an RPM or cadence sensor can be slow to activate. I’ve ridden some that are really bad, and it is disobeying to have the motor kick in a second after you start pedaling and stop a second after you do. That makes the bike rather unenjoyable to ride.

Possibly something like these if new:

Interesting, what motor brand was the ebike your wife tried. The cheaper cadence sensor E bikes can have that very digital on/off feeling where you are getting pushed along. The torque sensing systems like what Bosch offers feels much more natural, like you but stronger.