EDCO/Prestacycles Monoblock -- Reviews or Experience?

Hey all,

Does anyone have any experience with the Edco Monoblock / Prestacycles Uniblock? I’m quite intrigued by the low weight, high range 11-32 and 11-34 cassettes. The 11-34 comes in at the same weight as an Ultegra 11-32, and is still all steel. The 11-32 is competitive on weight with Sram XG 1190 11-32 and the Dura-Ace 11-30 cassettes. My motivation for this is:

  1. availability
  2. shimano cassette weights seem to balloon when you go over 11-30


I’ve got a couple of EDCO cassettes.

Shifting isn’t quite as smooth as shimano, but is acceptable. Weight is a bonus. Durability is very good.

I also like that if I want to take it off the wheel to give it a really good clean it’s really easy to clean and much quicker to put back on than a traditional cassette.

A 11-25 in 12 spd Campagnolo too!

I have two and yes, they need a bit more attention to adjustment (I am on di2) and then it works very well.

I run them with waxed chain that is known to reduce wear to quite incredible levels (then reduce wear on the overall drivetrain) so after 4000km on one I don’t experiment degradation on shifting or noise.

As long as their able to be adjusted to shift consistently and well, I don’t mind a little extra effort. I also don’t mind any noise. I’ll be running wax as well, so good to know. Thanks!

Seems like your experience with shift quality is inline with the limited experiences I could find elsewhere. Good to know on the durability and servicing! Cheers!