ENVE custom road bike

Does anyone on the CT forum own a ENVE custom road bike? Or has anyone even ridden one? Seen one? Seen a review?

I haven’t seen a stack of info out there.

Also, moderately annoying that it’s US customers only. First world problems, right?

I have seen many of them in person, I’ve seen how they are made and painted, and I have ridden one that was way too small for me so I can’t offer a good ride review to you. I also have a few friends that own them and they all love how their bikes ride.

Bug James at CT as he was given a custom one when they launched it last year, but he has never done a review on the bike that I’m sure a lot of people would like to know about.

Hey Joel
I have an Enve bike… ask away!!
Here it is


I’ve got to say that most modern carbon bikes leave me pretty cold, and I’m not the biggest fan of ISPs, but that is a bit special. A very, very slick build, and tastefully done. Chapeau.

How does it ride?

Thanks @Mintaerobars !!

It has taken me a bit to get on with the bike… I thought it would be just a copy/past from my SL6/rim brake to this bike… but this bike is totally different in so many ways. As I have adjusted to it, I have realized how amazing it is–and how fast. I worked with Enve to swap out the bars from a 44 to a 42, and I am in the process of switching them now. I also wasnt a huge fan of the ISP/bar stem combo at first–but when I thought about it, once thought about it, once your bike is set, what else do you need to do?

That being said–the whole experience–from top to bottom–picking geometry, colors, group-set, wheels, tires… everything was just amazing. And there is no bike like it in the world. Never had a chance to do anything like this before and the Enve folks were amazing in all steps of the operation.

I know that getting these bikes have been difficult (as most bikes have been), but if I had to do it again, I totally would–and wouldnt mind the wait. Im also very interested to see how this next generation of Enve bikes come to fruition (Alexey Vermeulen’s BWR bike).

Speculation: Maybe there was a technical issue and he had to send it back. Reviewers usually send back for companies to fix an issue before they criticise it.

Excellent. You know, I’ve moaned about lots of things that are on that bike (full integration, the loss of mechanical, yada yada yawn), but when the result is as clean as that, I do see the attraction. And the custom aspect is very cool.

Wishing you many happy miles.


looks good.