Epic 500 km Rapha challenge in Chiba, Japan

This one was a big one. 504km in 26h.
Initially a spontaneous idea 2 weeks before the end of December I quickly realized that riding along the borders of Chiba prefecture would also cover the Rapha500 challenge in an epic way.
I knew I can do it but wasn’t sure about how much pain I would inflict on me.
However, my worries were groundless since I enjoyed the whole thing from start to end and didn’t even feel tired at any point during the ride.
I have to say though that the constant headwind was I pain in the @$$
Anyway, despite I’ve broken my Garmin Virb 360 on this ride I managed to record some nice footage.
Hopefully you enjoy it.
I’d love you to take a look and let me know what you think.
What was your longest or most epic ride?

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