Etap red rear derailleur

Up until yesterday my rear derailleur was working fine, went to go out on the bike today and now have nothing, no pairing light comes on, I have swapped the batteries over with the front mech but still now good. Front is shifting but nothing with the back.

More bike shops need Genius Bars. Good luck!

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Try to clean and grease with light oil all pivots. There might be enough friction the RD thinks it’s against an obstacle and doesn’t move. :crossed_fingers:


Email SRAM’s customer support. In my experience they’ve been very helpful in at least pointing in a direction of where to look to attempt to ameliorate a problem.

Out of curiosity, does the derailleur shift by pressing the button on it as opposed to the shifters?

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No it’s completely died. I got the battery tested today and is fine up until the head until where the green light is so not sure where to go with it now

There must be an app or call centre that can help with this?

Crap though it may be, I think you have a really expensive paperweight.

Looks like a new derailleur for me :sob:

Well, mine died today. Two weeks off the bike, without previous issues, plugged charged battery (a few others afterwards). It’s done. No light, no button action. 530 EUR for the replacement. Hard to swallow but it’s still better than new group set. I still quite like it


modest experience with earlier red etaps derailleurs of mine is they just die for no reason or possibly due to water ingress. there’s pretty much nothing you can do except trying different batteries, that’s how far etap troubleshooting goes. have couple of those in a spare parts bin in the workshop, never worked it out. write sram some nervewrecking email about how your beliefs in the brand and the quality are shattered now blah blah. Maybe it’s even true so you won’t be lying after all. The quality of sram hardware is so inconsistent in my experience I hope they would send you a new one just because you took your time to write a paragraph of text. the crappier the hardware, the better the customer service, that’s my experience so far with dealing with big brands in regard of customers of my workshop.

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It might be happy ending after-all. I tried one last truly desperate thing. I disconnected it from battery over night to discharge any capacitors. I put battery back and it was a brick. So I’ve submerged it to warm soapy water for a minute and then cleaned everything with toothbrush with special attention to pivots > let it dry > WD40 to all 8 pivots.

No way! It works!!!

In my case it really might be the SW puts the RD to a brick mode to prevent damaging motors due of friction (it doesn’t shift if there is and obstacle) or it might remember it should shift but due to friction it just dies immediately.

Anyway - to future me or somebody else: disconnect battery overnight, submerge it to warm water for min or two, clean it well with a brush, get the rest of the dirt and water out with compressor, grease it. There is 10% change it will work.

Now I need to cancel my order :slight_smile:


Which generation of RED eTap, 11 speed or 12 speed AXS?

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The 1st gen 11s

I’d maybe keep that order open JIC.

It might be a different cause in your case, Martin, but from what I learned roughly two years ago after dealing with a few of those cases - some of them multiple times - is the following. The information was disclosed to me on condition of anonymity by someone working @ Sram headquarters in the US whom I happen to know.

Sram don’t produce the IC board of that RD by themselves. Which is absolutely normal. Their supplier produced at least a four figure batch - probably (much) more - of those IC boards while the machine was not using a high enough soldering temperature. The manufacturing failure of the boards went unnoticed, the boards were delivered to Sram, assembled into RDs, and those were shipped. It was only much later when those problems came up more often that they analyzed what the cause of that problem was and found the issue: cold junctions.

Those boards (or their chips) did not come with serial numbers so they couldn’t identify which RD received a board out of the affected batches of boards. A recall of the RDs with a board with cold junctions was therefore not an option.

So they decided to replace them under warranty.

Back then they had not yet made up their minds whether they would continue to replace them after the warranty period.

I reckon the fact that they came up with a 11-speed compatible version of the current 12-speed AXS RD some months after introducing eTap AXS 12-speed was due to seeing a constant stream of those defective 11-speed RDs coming in. So they needed a solution of the affected customers - after they had stopped manufacturing the 11-speed RD - other than telling them “We’re sorry, Sir, your RD is out of warranty, and we don’t produce them anymore. So you’ve got to buy a new group-set. But the good news is we have identified and cured the cause of the problem. So it won’t happen again.”


That’s actually very helpful. In that case I was just lucky. Next time I’ll try their customer service. There is tiny chance they might replace it even after warranty as @modraska suggested. Thank you all.

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Tried what you suggested and actually I got the red derailleur which was kept in the “might be useful someday/too expensive to throw away” bin working again. Customer of us has a new one for years but at least I got my colleague jealous :grinning: thanks for sharing


No way! You made my day.

I think it is on weightweenies. how to take a etap apart and clean and grease the inside. the earlier ones wont sealed very well. So it just get so dirty inside. It not very hard to do.

hope this helps, i have 3 red etaps. so far mine work??? :shushing_face:

anybody experienced that kind of thing with 11 speed Shimano Di2 ???