Etap red rear derailleur

Up until yesterday my rear derailleur was working fine, went to go out on the bike today and now have nothing, no pairing light comes on, I have swapped the batteries over with the front mech but still now good. Front is shifting but nothing with the back.

More bike shops need Genius Bars. Good luck!

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Try to clean and grease with light oil all pivots. There might be enough friction the RD thinks it’s against an obstacle and doesn’t move. :crossed_fingers:

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Email SRAM’s customer support. In my experience they’ve been very helpful in at least pointing in a direction of where to look to attempt to ameliorate a problem.

Out of curiosity, does the derailleur shift by pressing the button on it as opposed to the shifters?

No it’s completely died. I got the battery tested today and is fine up until the head until where the green light is so not sure where to go with it now

There must be an app or call centre that can help with this?

Crap though it may be, I think you have a really expensive paperweight.

Looks like a new derailleur for me :sob: