Experience with VYNL Bikes?

I know there is a six year old review here on CT of a nice looking bike built up with a frame from VYNL bikes. Does anyone have recent experience with the brand? If so, how was your experience, particularly if it was in the last year or so since they got new owners?

Thanks in advance for any info!


Sounds like no one here has any experience or knowledge?

I’m an idiot was talking about Low bikes not Vinyl. I’ve got no experience Vinyl and am mystified as to how I mixed the two up :rofl:.

Jeez, has it been that long already since I wrote that review??? I’m not sure what your timeline is, but I’m about to take delivery of a gravel frameset.


Hi James: the backstory is I was actually the lucky name you folks drew back in March for the “Win it Weekly” contest for a VYNL road disc frame (yes, for anyone else who is reading, regular readers do get their name drawn as winners!) The CT promos manager quickly put me in touch with the folks at VYNL, and in short order, I requested a size 51 frame and provided payment info. for custom paint. Long story short - a bunch of communications back and forth since then but now 6 months later, there is still not a size 51 Road Disc frame available (so much for “Made in USA” shortening the supply chain, at least in this case).

Net - I was and am curious whether I’m the outlier here on how long it takes to get a frame from VYNL, and considering whether I should just forget about the whole thing and ultimately source a frame from elsewhere.


Wow, that’s not a good look for VYNL.

I just tried to select a frame just to see if it allowed me to order one in that size, and got a “error 404/file not found” message. Same with other sizes on that model. Gravel frames can be added to the cart, tho. Wonder what’s up.

I understand that you had constant communications with them prior but have they made any attempts to give you updates on their current turnaround since. I understand your frustrations though as I’m sure you were looking forward to new bike day.

Have a friend who has one from before the ownership change. He had to get a replacement frame at one point and it didn’t take too long. But… probably not that relevant.

This sounds like a real bad experience. Have you tried reaching them on all channels? Email, social, phone (?), etc.?


Perhaps naive, but I’ve been willing to give VYNL the benefit of the doubt, and take at face value what they have been telling me as it looks like they are a really small operation (not sure if they have any more employees other than the husband and wife owner). But that’s why I’ve tried to post on several forums to see if anyone else has had a different experience or messaging from VYNL.

Honestly, getting updates has been like pulling teeth. Communications have not been proactive - I’ve tried not to be a pest, only sending an email query every 3-4 weeks to ask for a status update, and only getting a relatively terse email response a few days later on what the latest reason is for the delay.

The last message I got in August was they are searching for a new builder as supposedly their current one is shutting down. I see no indication on Simple Bicycle Co.'s website - my understanding, the fabricator out of Portland for VYNL’s frames - is shutting down, but there’s not a lot of news I could dig up in general. So, no firm ETA at all for delivery - perhaps something early next year.

Yes, it’s supremely disappointing as based on some of the cool pictures of prior builds (including the one that James reviewed here on CT), I had already picked out a custom color, and I have gathered up pretty much all the coordinating parts needed to build up the bike. :disappointed: