Exploding SRAM Red22 derailleurs

Hey all.

So, I’m now on my third Red 22 derailleur and looking for advice on making this one last longer then it’s predecessors :slight_smile:

The first two failed in exactly the same way: the outer cage pivots on a metal axle that’s bonded to the cage, and is retained in the main derailleur body via a metal pin that contacts a flange on the axle. Over time, the pin wears down the flange, and eventually the entire cage assembly comes completely free of the derailleur body, which is obviously a fairly catastrophic failure. I’ve attached a photo of the wear on the axle which hopefully makes this all clearer!

The first derailleur exploded during a ride, and fortunately I caught the second one before it failed after tracking down poor shifting to slop in the pivot point.

They are a pricey replacement - not to say the chance of a failure causing even bigger problems. Has anyone else seen this issue, and ideally found a way to do some preventative maintenance?



I hate to say it, but the problem here is SRAM… that’s what needs fixing.

(and I say that as an AXS owner)

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There’s such a thing as too light: they cut too much weight/material from the Red mechanical derailleurs and shifters and their durability suffers. Multiple Red failures. No fixing the derailleurs. Shifter could be fixed if I get around to it.

Force on the other hand has been durable for me.

As said above, you might have more luck with Force and Rival RDs.

Just get a Force RD and replace the pulleys with the ones from the Red RD.