Exposure Strada 1500 Mk10

I’m always on the lookout for improved lighting for riding/ commuting down lanes on dark winter mornings and evenings. Reviews for the Exposure lights are always good, and I love the features on the Strada, especially the auto-dip and the digital readout telling you how long the battery will last on current setting. However, the highest lumen output that they produce on road lights is 1500, lower than the 1800 that I currently have on my Lezyne Mega Drive 1800i. I am led to believe that the additional cost of Exposure over Lezyne (£320 compared to £120) isn’t just for the additional features, but also for the higher quality of the components, especially the lights and lenses. Question is, can a high quality light with 1500 lumens of output light the road ahead to a significantly better level than a decent 1800 lumen unit?


Yes, a lower lumen light could theoretically function better for cycling than a higher lumen light.

Lumens are a measure of the amount of light being emitted, but the beam pattern of the light is important also. However, in practice, I suspect both lights will be excellent.

That said, I’ve owned an Exposure Maxx D since 2011. I use it often, and it is still going strong. I love the low profile quick release mount.

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Firstly, going from 1500 to 1800 (even with identical optics) would barely be noticeable. Much like hearing, you have a logarithmic response to light stimulus, and that’s only 20% more light.

But without knowing the beam spread pattern, it’s almost impossible to say whether one is better than the other at lighting up the road, vs lighting up the sky, or the front tyre. More light can potentially be worse at seeing further up the road.



Thanks for your thoughts, all. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I’m not going to see significant benefits from upgrading to an Exposure light, and certainly not in proportion to the cost of it over the Lezyne.

I had an Exposure, and I wasn’t wild about the “giant barrel shaped light” form factor. The illumination was excellent and the build quality was excellent. But I found it hard to fit to my bars, and short enough that I would get a lot of light in my eyes while standing. Everyone is different of course, but I am much happier with a smaller light engine mounted under my computer out front, and a battery. The other plus with a battery of course, is that you can bring a spare. FWIW, I have a Gloworm and it is amazing.

On these lines, I do love my Max D, but would probably have gone with something with a separate battery if I had it to do over again. It’s just so huge on the bars.

All really good advice, thanks very much folks

Have you tried mounting it upside down? I do that on my bike, but it only works if you are using a long stem.

I do on the road and gravel bike, and that works pretty well though the rearward center of mass can cause it to drift a bit while riding. Doesn’t work on the MTB but that has plenty of bar space so it’s nbd there.