Fachessdion Website

Is this a scam? Will CT investigate? Prices seem ridiculous. Trek, Cannondale bikes with good components at give away prices.https://www.fachessdion.com/

I’m going to go out on a limb and say… it’s probably not legit. Not sure why I think so ; just a crazy hunch. :thinking:

Also, I feel my phone may now be infested with all sorts of gremlins from having visited that site.

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The bikes are legit, there’s a problem with the currency.

I think that’s a site that pops up and gets taken down from time to time, and there has been some talking about it - but as an editor I would also refrain from directing traffic to these sites, and it would be a bit boring:

“There are bad boys on the internet. There’s a rogue bike site and I don’t want to give the url. Don’t go there.”

Man, I am super tempted to flush $99 just to see what happens…

You will eventually get some Sagan sneakers.



That would be worth $99

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If it is too good to be true, there is a reason.

I’d never give out any personal info to a website like that.

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I am seeing more and more of these websites pop up on the facebook feed. It just shows how facebook do not take this privacy thing seriously. The scammers copy pictures of things i’ve viewed on the web and package them up on website for sale at cheap prices on facebook feed. Chicken coops, bikes so far. Too good to be true!