Fake Shimano Site

I came across the site https://www.shimanosales.com in my search for new shoes. I know that there has been a fraudulent Shimano site in the past that was taken down. I think this is the reincarnation of it. The prices are way too discounted. The other thing that makes me suspicious is that it’s REALLY hard to get Shimano LO5A disc brake pads right now, and they miraculously have them in stock for a suspect price. Buyer Beware!


Thanks for the heads up it’s a shame Shimano doesn’t appear to just have an email you can just forward sites like this to. That MVDP photo they use for the lede image on that website always give me
Legendary Yellow stock image cyclist dude vibes.


I’ve sent them some messages, just in case they didn’t know about the site yet :slight_smile:

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I just got a set of LO5A pads of uh, Amazon.

I did see the pads on Amazon, but I didn’t get the warm fuzzies from them either. The seller was storefront for Shimano, Pokemon cards, Canon, and other random stuff. Didn’t exactly instill confidence in me.

I hear ya. I risked it, but all seems legit and in original (no-plastic) packaging.