Favero vs Rally power meter pedals

Any thoughts about which you prefer? I’d really like to hear from those that have tried both. I’ve read reviews (DC rainmaker) and would like to hear from the CT community. Thanks.

Do you need to swap pedal formats? Than go Garmin. Are you fine with just look pedals? Than go Favero to save a bit of cash.

I own the Faveros and they have been perfect. Thought about getting the Rally’s for the mtb cleat compatibility, but then decided I don’t really need power readings from my gravel rides.


Haven’t used Garmin’s pedals, but I would cast a strong vote for the Faveros. I got my set in 2019 and I’m still on them now, working just as well as day 1. Easy to maintain, relatively cheap, and as far as I can tell the accuracy is reliable and spot on.


+1 for Garmin Rally. The SPD conversion has been great.

The only thing I’d do differently is maybe save some money and get the single sided version (one less battery to replace).

Faveros are fantastic - easy to install, relatively affordable, switchable between bikes and super accurate. The slightly wider Q-factor is unnoticeable and your MTB has a wider Q-factor than your roadie anyway. Only downsides are Look / Shimano only (no issue for me) and you have to remember to pack the proprietary charger cable when travelling if you are putting them in sleep mode or you can’t get them back on.

First and second Gen Garmin power pedals were shite. Unreliable over-expensive random number generators when they worked at all. I haven’t tried the Rally’s but would proceed with extreme caution when it comes to long term reliability and accuracy of them.


This! My old club we had tons of the vector threes because one of our sponsors (a bike shop) sold them to members for pretty much around cost. The amount of issues people had were absolutely astronomical it was like a 60+% failure rate with a pretty decent sample size, Garmin’s warranty was pretty useless and you had a bunch of people who ended up just buying different meters because they couldn’t keep exchanging units and not having a reliable PM while they were paying a coach etc. I know the Rally is different but in comparison I’ve heard of one issue that was resolved with an overnighted pedal from Assioma.

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I have the Rally pedals for SPD-SL. No issues so far. But I have no point of comparison except comparing with my trainer’s readings. I haven’t compared them head to head, but the pedals haven’t reported anything crazy.

I’ve had faveros (duo) since early 2020. The right pedal developed an issue quite early on (c.3 months) which kept jiggering the system, but Favero were responsive (even when Italy was still pretty much melting down with Covid) and sent me out a new spindle FOC under warranty. It took about a week to arrive which I thought was incredible in the circumstances. They also sent out free bearings FOC when I clumsily damaged mine replacing the spindle, which they absolutely didn’t have to do.

Since then they have been A1 and hassle free*.

Can’t recommend them enough.

*as long as you remember the cable when travelling as noted above. They also very occasionally give weird readings if you transfer them from one bike to another without remembering to do a calibration, but that a) takes literally 30s and b) is user error anyway.


Haven’t tried Favero, but I have the XC100’s. Installed them, they instantly synched with my phone and my Garmin, they seem to be putting out believable numbers. A totally plug and play experience.

I have neither- but several of the folks I rode with have the Favero pedals and everyone tells me they are excellent- the Garmin not so much. One of the things folks mention is the consistency and accuracy of the pedal data. On the other hand thé Garmin pedals seem to be all over the place.

I have both the Assioma Duo and the Rally XC200. I have compared both to my trainer and all three match. Obviously, I can’t compare the two sets of pedals directly to each other so they have to both be comapred to a third unit. Both units were equally accurate compared to the trainer. I have had the Rally’s since last summer and they have functioned reliably. The only problem I have had is that calibration will randomly fail. Doing the calibration a second time usually works. The Assiomas just work all the time. I got the Rally’s for use on my MTB so the Assiomas weren’t really an option there. The pedals have taken rock strikes a few times and still match the trainer perfectly.


I have both. They are both fantastic and both are in my top 4 power meters (the other 2 are quarq dfour dub & p2m ng/ngeco).

There are only really two main parts to consider:

  1. Do you have a preference for look vs shimano? If shimano, does a wider (+10mm/pedal) q-factor matter? Do you want to use multiple cleat types?

If you want Shimano, without wider q-factor then the rally RS is the only option. If you want to switch between cleats, then again the Rally is your only option.

  1. Do you care about cycling dynamics, specifically Platform Center Offset? Both have cycling dynamics, however, only Garmin has PCO.

I’ve used PCO too look at how I apply pressure, but only bc I have old foot injuries and I haven’t used it after initial analysis.

I have this problem too. And then sometimes it then gives some “offset” number that’s five digits long, instead of the torque adjustment. I’m calibrating with a Garmin 130, and assumed that was the problem.

It’s not the Edge. I have the problem with Garmin Connect, my Edge 1030, Epix 2, and Karoo 2. Pretty sure it is a Rally problem.

I have been using Vector 2 and Vector 3 for years, on another bike 4iiii (left only) and on another a Rotor Inspider, lastly an Elito Direto as another point of reference - accurate or not, but it’s a point of reference. Thus no Favveros yet but after years of recurring hassles with the Vectors I just wait for the final breath of one of the Vectors and I will be gone to Favvero. I had done lots of reading and asking around and the impression from the above posts is repeated everywhere: as a tendency lots and lots of reports of various issues with Vectors (with the 3 or the Rally admittedly near only battery related) and super few issues ever heard with the Favvero.
My experience with the Vector is that when they are running power is super replicable/consistent and compared to Elito and then across both so close to each other I cannot tell/bother to tell. But I have every few months or at best once a year some real hassle of one pedal disconnecting and not being found anymore and mostly it’s due to battery contacts.

In my cycling club quite a few have had issues with the old vector pedals and i dont know anyone with issues with the FAs. I have them and they have worked flawlessly. Probably the most reliable cycling tech i have owned.

Another vote for the Favero. I’ve had the Duo version for several years and they’ve been excellent, I have had a couple of technical issues but that’s understandable given how exposed to wear and tear pedals are.

All of the technical issues I’ve had have been resolved pretty quickly by Faveros amazing customer service - probably the best bike industry after-care I’ve received. They are responsive, helpful, and very knowledgeable. I know that sounds gushing but that alone has brought my loyalty.

I haven’t used the Rallys but given Garmin’s level of customer support / after-care (see non-existent) I won’t be trying them.

Both seem to be good products. Garmin had issues with previous generations of pedals but I haven’t heard anything but rave reviews about the Rallys, and they’ve been out for a while now. That being said, I think it basically comes down to cleat preference. If you’re fine with Look cleats then get the Faveros - incredibly reliable product and the pricing is good. If you want SPD or SPD-SL then get the Garmin (I know you can get the Assioma Duo-Shi but completely changing your q-factor for a power meter seems like a bad option.)

I purchased the Rally RS200 Pedals the end of August 2021. They have worked flawlessly for me. Garmin customer service was great to provide battery doors for both pedals to me for free. I called them after striking my left pedal and scraping up the battery door. I expected to have to pay for the battery doors and was pleasantly surprised they provided them to me at no charge.

It’s been said by others in this thread but I will repeat it: the Favero’s are just amazing. They just work, flawlessly, time after time, ride after ride.

In comparison I once tried the old Garmin Vector 3’s and absolutely hated them. I kept getting random power spikes and dropouts. They were basically useless as a power meter. I haven’t tried the newer Rally’s but given my experience with Vectors, it would take a lot for me to trust Garmin enough to give them a lot of my money for that. And that’s setting aside the fact that I wouldn’t be in the market for them anyway. Because my Favero’s are just amazing.

And did I mention they are far cheaper as well?

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