Favero vs Rally power meter pedals

Never tried/used the Garmin/Rally, own PowerTap and Favero powermeter pedals.

How easy is to service/replace the bearings with the Rally pedals?

My PowerTap pedals need to be sent to SRAM in the USA (with stupid postage costs) to service the beearings.

The Favero Assioma are user serviceable and the bearings are readily available.

Expect to replace the bearings every 20,000km or so.

Something to flag on the bearings on the Assioma, yes they are very high quality but if you ride regularly in the wet they won’t last 20k - more like 6-7k. They’re not particularly well-sealed, I’m in the UK and have to change bearings annually on them. I do use them on my training bike and ride in all weathers though.