Favorite non Shimano disc brake pads

What are your favorite non Shimano disc brake pads? I can’t source Shimano GRX pads online or at a LBS.

My LBS didn’t have any Shimano pads for my Dura Ace brakes, so they sold me Kool Stop KS-D625CA. I haven’t had them on there very long, but I don’t notice any difference.

I think any KS-D625 will fit. The CA version has cooling fins.

regardless of manufacturer, do resin pads seem to be the norm on road bikes? main reasons being better modulation and quieter?

Gorilla brake pads. Cheaper and perform just as well. Lots of options for different compounds and they make pads for all the different shape calipers out there:

Super quick delivery as well if you’re UK based.

I am using QUAXAR metallic ones in all my Shimano brakes for years now - long lasting - low price :man_cook:t2:

Fun fact - different brand brake pads squeal at different frequencies! I have different pads front and back on my mountain bike, and the screeching after a creek crossing this morning was a whole new level of annoying. Luckily they both quieted down after a few minutes.

I run Nukeproof metallic pads on the bikes that aren’t running shimano. No real complaints, especially for the price. Much better than the SRAM and TRP pads that they replaced.