Favorite product to get chain oil lube off carbon rims

I’m clearly too dumb or too clumsy not to get chain splattered on my rear rim. As much as I try to be clean, only apply a drop per link and wipe the chain down, I still get splatter on the rim, and I have a hard time getting it off.

Muc off bike wash and degreaser both haven’t been of much help.

Any tips are appreciated.


Denatured alcohol?

Stop using oil!!! Wax lubes are the way to go. Less wear and friction. I use Squirt Lube.


I have used wax (squirt and Pedro’s Ice Wax). Not super convinced. Terrible in rainy conditions, washed right out. And since I live in Seattle, that pretty much rules them out


I’m a fairly committed hot waxer, but I must admit, winter is the time that it becomes a bit of a pain…

Hence why 90% of my winter riding is done on my spare bike, which just gets conventional lube.

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vm&p naphtha should do the trick & should be fine on carbon, as it is recommended for tubular tire glue softening/removal. Wear Nitrile gloves & maybe check with the rim manufacturer before going down this route. Acetone would also work, but presents more health risks (from what I understand, I am not a chemist).

Yep. Waxing is fine if you’re lucky to live somewhere warm and dry like Australia or most of Spain, however for us with more rain it’s just not viable aside from maybe the TT bike where every watt matters.


You might want to try White Lightning’s Clean Streak. It’s a “dry” degreaser, i.e. doesn’t leave a film. I think it used to be called “Metal Clean”. At any rate, I’ve used it to clean gunk off of rims, including stuff like tubular glue. It doesn’t leave a residue on the rim and doesn’t cause a squeal if you’re using rim brakes.

Also, another thing to try is a piece of cardboard or poster board, say a square piece with a side length a tad bigger than your tire diameter. Cut a slit in it and a hole in the middle so that you can slide via the slit in between the big cog on your cassette and the rest of the wheel. It’ll shield your wheel from lube spray, at least as you lube.

Maybe someone knows if Clean Streak is Metal Clean relabeled? Jason at Fairwheel Bikes turned me on to Metal Clean about 16-17 years ago. Great stuff. I’m not sure why White Lightning made the change.

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I just use purple power degreaser $7 for a gallon at Wal Mart. Has no issues removing stubborn high pressure greases and lubricants from composite materials not safe on certain bead blasted/matte aluminum finishes so apply to paper towel and rub in.

Man what’s the deal with chain wax people? Seem to be pretty evangelical about something that’s fairly trivial.

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Some chain waxers do resemble Jehovah’s Witnesses in their praise of waxing and dismissing of everything else, maybe they’ll start having little stalls in shopping malls to convert members of the public :upside_down_face:


Baby wipes are remarkably effective for removing oil and dirt.


Excuse me sir, do you have time to talk about our lord and savior Dumonde Tech original?


I tried it and people told me they’d rather talk to the Jehovah’s Witnesses.


That’s the offending lube :joy:… almost. The light version.

Makes for a very quiet chain, but picks up dirt like there’s no tomorrow


Gotta go super super light on Dumonde tech, let it sit overnight then wipe off and it’ll stay very clean. I use the regular and get 600 miles per application and the chain is very clean the big bottle lasts me like 20,000-30,000 miles. I basically let the tip get a little wet and dab it on each roller. Purple power or really any non-wimpy bike specific degreaser will get that stuff off carbon no problem.

Yep you’re using not very good wax. Try Silca SSL if you want a drip on or MSW if you are willing to do immersive.


Do not do this unless you want to delaminate your rims.

Mainly because it’s objectively better on every metric? But you do you :+1:

D-limonene (citrus oil) or Cineole (eucalyptus) are good if expensive choices. Ethyl acetate, the main ingredient in acetone free nail polish remover, is a lot cheaper and very similar in action to acetone without the petrochemical derivation.

Metho / denatured alcohol is a poor solvent for oils.

No, using a solvent won’t “delaminate your rims”: epoxy is insoluble in ethyl acetate, acetone and short chain hydrocarbons (naphtha). It is routine during composite fabrication to clean the bonding surfaces with acetone immediately prior to bonding.


And poop…:crazy_face:

See the rest of his post where he lives in Seattle…waxing one that environment is challenging. And expensive.