Flexible cable housings and hydraulic hose for internal routing

Hi Everyone!
I recently got a new bike (Cube Agree). Love the bike but I now have to deal with the pleasure that is fully integrated cable routing. The bike uses Mechanical Disc Ultegra with all four cables and hoses routed below the stem through the headset. Unfortunately, I will have to replace all of them as the current ones are too short to accommodate a longer stem and my preferred Handlebar (luckily no integrated combo on my bike). I was wondering if there are any housings and hoses that are especially flexible as there are some rather tight bends to get them through the headset.

Thanks in advance!

Nokon cables or the Jagwire Elite cable systems.

Jagwire is a lot cheaper.

Shimano ot-sp41, I’d recommend either buying the 25’ roll of the housing or the MTB cable kit from from Shimano instead of the Ultegra/Dura-Ace Cable kit. I have a Palace 3:C with fully routed cable housing (idiotic design) and in a size 58 a road kit will not have enough housing included to do both derailleurs. Can’t help on the hose side since I’m on rim brakes. Also would recommend Jagwire cable liner as a way to guide some sacrificial cables and the new housings through the frame either that or an IR tool.

Cheers! will be looking into both options even though I think the Nokon, Jagwire thing will not really work for internal routing. Interesting that no one came up with a specific housing for internal routing how widely spread it is by now.

The thing is usually we tend to recommend compressionless housing for mechanical disc brakes otherwise the lever feeling tend to be a bit spongy. There is no other way, compressionless housing tend to be stiff.

I think you may have to do a choice there, either switch to hydro which are significantly better anyway, use regular housing * and compromise braking performance/feeling or be willing to show those compressionless housing who is the boss. I guess the later is what was being done in the factory and the original housing were compressionless right? In that case surely you can make those work after some large amount of swearing?

* think those available on general stores

Ahh, sorry my post was misleading. With “Mechanical Disc Ultegra” I meant, Mechanical shifting with Hydro Disc. Thus my question for cables and hoses.

Sorry didn’t realize you mentionned hoses. Then I can’t really help.

I usually prefer going OEM for shifting and hydro hoses as my experience with shifting is usually the best with OEM and I never find any reason to go for third party hydro hoses. Only found improvements by using third party on mechanical brake housing using stiffer housing which is quite the opposite of what you were looking anyway.

Hmmmm……interesting point. I have done it for semi-internal bikes (through HB, then through frame but not stem) with no issues. But it has been years since I used it so can’t really say whether you’d be able to or not. My gut reaction is that you could, but maybe check with your LBS.

That’s probably because mechanical shifting and full internal routing are not happy bedfellows. Tight bends usually result in sub-standard shifting no matter what housing is used. You could try running the internal cables through Jagwire’s slick lube liners, which come standard with their Pro and Elite cable and housing hits, but can be bought separately; however, they are just thin, lubricated plastic tubes that can kink when bent.

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Just a question, do you have an IR-Kit? I ask this because my bike and handlebars was a huge PITA to route with a lot of tight bends without the kit. I just did my cables yesterday for the first time since buying an IceToolz Internal route kit, and manipulating the cables around the bends was significantly easier than before since the cable housing could more naturally arc. Obviously made life significantly easier fishing through the frame but was really surprised how much less I had to muscle the cables around the initial bends with the magnet as opposed to sort of pushing the cable through and trying to catch it with a pick. Best 45 bucks I’ve ever spent.

No, don’t have an IR-Kit yet but That should be alright given that the old cables are already in. Also, luckily the bike does not have a fully integrated handlebar but the cables run below the stem which should make routing a lot easier.

@Gene_Hunt, yea the full internal routing is sub-optimal and I would have preferred a bike with normal routing but there was no choice as this was the only bike I could get after my old bike was stolen. Will probably upbrade to Di2 at some point in the far future.

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I’m also running Shimano ot-sp41 on my TT bike, with the shifting cable through the bars and down through the stack shims into the base bar (ie. with tight right hand turns and not out the rear of the extensions in a gentle loop). This shifting cable and housing is great - it’s slippery as, without the crazy price tag. Shimano stuff just works.
TT bars


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