Followup question: Have you damaged or destroyed your phone on a ride?

To follow up on the “Where do you keep your phone?” thread, have you damaged or destroyed a phone while riding, and if so, how?

Me, I had my candybar feature phone work it’s way out of my saddle bag and fall at 20mph/32+km/h, literally decades ago. But it only ejected the battery and was easily put back together.

I have twice dropped my phone on a ride without noticing, (LG flip phone in the 00’s, iPhone in the late 10’s) and both times it was picked up by good samaritans who were happy to meet up and return it. In both cases the phone worked just fine after.

I have a friend that had his phone in a handlebar mount. In an rough section on gravel the phone got lose and dropped to the ground. It was fine though, so he put it back. Later in the ride on an uphill he stood up to get some extra power and then his knee came so close to the bar that he knocked down the phone, and then immediately ran it over with the back wheel. That finally cracked the phone… since that day he’s no longer using phone handlebar mounts…


Screen of my old iPhone 5 got broken in a fall (phone was ejected from my pocket when I slipped on an oil puddle exiting a roundabout at speed). Current phone has a case (and I am a bit more cautious exiting wet roundabouts ^^).

I keep it in my pocket now, but when I had a handlebar mount I hit some rough pavement while descending and it jumped out, hitting the ground and the screen and lcd exploding into dozens of pieces. Fun day.

Never–safe and sound in my emergency under the saddle kit.

No, never damaged or dropped yet. Hope I didn’t jinx it.

Sideswiped by a truck almost a year ago. Phone in back pocket and no damage at all just a light scrape on the cover.

a phone is weight

Dropped mine a few times with no serious damage, but I always have it in a cheap case. On the other hand I destroyed two phones with sweat so never use handlebar mounts anymore. Phone goes in a plastic bag in rear pocket.

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Charging port on an old Galaxy got wrecked by sweat.

Absolutely. I was wearing a loose fitting mtb jersey and had my phone jump out of my pocket during a bunny hop and skid along the trail and in to a river. The silt on the riverbed was groin deep so I never recovered the phone.

I only wear that jersey on the indoor trainer now.

Yes sort of, hit by a car from behind riding down Olivers Hill.

Phone allowed one call to get help then it died, I also landed on my back on the phone which also did some damage to me. Pre iPhone days.

Never. Or maybe not yet.
Most of my phone broken because my dog heading my hand while am texting or looking something on it.

Not sure it would help… I had a 3310 or 3330 falling at 70kph when I was junior, slipped, bounced and did backflips over 100m+ and as we all now know, had literally zero issues but a small scratch on a corner :slight_smile:
The closest I had from a damage was killing a battery on winter weather, in a winter it lost 40% of charging of lifespan.

In the early 2000’s I broke a Motorola Razr on a mountain bike ride. I loved that phone