For the love of steel

Apologies to Woody Guthrie.
Paint by Buddy Designs, Tustin, CA.


Nice build! I’d like to see more photos please. How do you like those canti’s and did you try mini-vbrakes yet on it?

They’re a holdover from when it was first built, as a tourer (rack, triple, MTB rear derailleur). Like the look and they’re fine when it’s dry. When it’s wet, they’re terrible. But I’m in LA so…
Not sure a different brake would change things.

My latest steelie.

Have been riding a Ritchey Road Logic for a few years and have been through a couple of other disc frames before I settled on this one. 8 month wait, but it was wellll worth it.

Cinelli Nemo Tig disc in cherry bomb red gloss.

Dura Ace 9120, Thomson finishing kit and Enve SES 3.4 wheels / DT240 with 54t ratchet.

It rides amazing, perfect balance of response and comfort. It weighs in at 8.54kg and looks the part. Only thing I can fault is the wide chain stays. I get some heel strike every so often. Nothing a bike fit won’t fix (ill probably rotate my cleats slightly to prevent it, we’ll see how it goes).

Oh and the 54t star ratchet in the freehub is obnoxiously loud. I might go back to the old 16t!


Nice bike at a fine weight. I’d rather try shorter cranks than messing up my knees by playing with the cleat position, though (that’s one part of my bike fit I’m very sensitive about)


I would adjust the q-factor or shorten the cranks as Ullrich suggests, rather than rotate your cleats. Or get shoes with a narrower sole plate. Rotating cleats is a recipe for knee trouble, that can cost you more than just getting a new frame with narrower chain stays.


Stupid me - that’s certainly easier and cheaper as well - and while there’s some impact on leg motion it won’t affect the rest of the fit as much as changing crank (saddle height, fore-aft…)

I could run the +4 shimano pedals if need be. Crank length is right for me, I won’t be changing it.

As this is a new frame, I’m going for a complete new bike fit.

I’ve roughly changed my cleats a couple of times since the last bike fit I had done, so they’ve not been installed to an exact science at this stage!


My beloved Jaegher Inteceptor Flymaster - 55cm of Belgian (well, Columbus) niobium steel. Campy Record 11sp, HED/ White Ind wheels. Gorgeous bike.


Love it! I just emailed them to start one for myself (Not just based on your picture, though. It’s been in the process for a couple years.)

Do you have any advice? Anything you would or wouldn’t do again?

Now for something a bit different. Whilst I exclusively ride road bikes, I jumped at the chance to bring this little BMX back to life for a mate. Many hours of polishing were involved! :face_with_monocle:


That looks both lovingly and thoughtfully made. A lovely bike.

I’ve looked at those for a while, but never been sure of the provenance. Do you know where they’re made? Nice colour. The pink gold is awesome, too.

It was indeed. Pictures don’t do it justice of course. I told the builder that if god rode a bicycle, he would ride this bike.


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Your father obviously loved his bikes (and he had good taste). It’s great that you can also enjoy them.
Ride on!

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'Loved the picture, great bike and great views. Think of the contrast with the poor Donner Party and their experience. We all have a lot to be thankful of these days regardless of the daily news…

Love the picture. It reminds me why we love biking, beautiful bikes and matching scenery.

My Italian road bike, made in Modena by my trusted local framebuilder Maza!


I also have a gravel bike and a track bike from the same builder: